Everything You Need To Know About Weaning A Baby


As a welcome Sophie. Thank you so much for having me like clashes love to help you. Thank you so. Do you want to tell me a little bit more about your training in Germany? What was that like so I did my training at the university hospital in Munich and what I found very interesting is a difference between the German. You can have caste system once once. I came overnight. Started working there. Is that pediatrics. And Germany Puts a really big focus on kind of preventing diseases and having Becky Lynn checkups along the way so in a way if you think about the six week checkup at mom's have in the UK after giving best when mom and baby looked after and this is something that in Germany we will do. Throughout the whole infancy and childhood. Actually and those would be examination that include tests for hearings and test for Iside test for the hips just to make sure that we that we detect diseases very early on and that we can kind of thought reaching got in the early stages to prevent any further complications that arrive. What say this has been a main difference between the two? Her Cat Systems and then Another thing that I found quite interesting is that until I had counted. We're K- I had rarely seen a baby with reflux I think that is just that just might be. Because that may be different. Perceptions offer but rejects means a baby equipment to call us by and but this is a picture that was entirely new to me when. I when I came to the new kate so I thought it was really quite interesting on how we Mitch. So close together But yet perceptions and kind of pension systems can be so different and that is interesting. I definitely love to hear more about you. Know I think sometimes maybe parents think about starting leaning bit earlier than the current guidelines of waiting till about six loans may do that because they worried. That baby has reflux in retail such A. You know it's one of those words that gets loosely thrown around when checking the MOMS. So what is what would you say is true reflux in a baby. I will try to reflect. The baby is when the baby brings up food and either kind of specs our or can swallow it down but also I think in order to caught it reflects it really has to impact the everyday life of a baby so baby that Kind of posits but then carries on drinking carries being happy tired. Maybe not a baby that I would call a reflexive whereas if it's a child and but a severely affected maybe by the acidity arching backwards feeds been having a really bad associations either breast of formula feats and we're not willing to drink anymore not gaining any more weight. I think this is where we have to have a bit of a closer look and learn and see how we can optimize. The situation agrees and also. Sometimes it's at Geena. We we love seeing our babies feed then could be particularly if it's given through a bottle than we might be overfeeding having look at the volumes that pace eating. That's really important as well. So would you say in Germany? The use of anti reflux medication is quite low than yes I have never prescribed. Any anti reflects medication in Germany. Side was really on the way that that does seem to be Kind of a whole team of way you would try to optimize defeating situation and then that mark our you would then prince prescribing medication and which House Afonso quite interesting and I always think before prescribing medications especially one where we haven't really understood what the side effects my long terms and I want to make sure A. I've tried all the measures before war before going into looking into medication. Yes and I agree and I D- most most parents all very much. I I hope maybe those tearing in you know. Try The conservative approach as making sure babies applied especially. I remember attending a talk by simply doctor who was explaining that. Actually the distance between baby's stomach and mounting media really short compared to adults so they to bring up food easily and is nothing to be worried about having small moments a few times a day Isn't it but it's that projectile in back arching very severe. Eczema early on you know they babies of conservation blooded students me because that sort of thing may be more suggestive of the underlying food allergies and I think with reflex Takes a lot of time and patience than trying things So I would always recommend to parents that if they feel insecure about something or you know if I understand that they are trying really hard and they should also ask for help. So could it be that they go to breastfeeding drop in at a local hospital? Maybe that they have a chat with mcclatchy Have a negative eating situation. That's why I'm maybe have a Dietitian. Our pediatrician veggie P in kind of the situation and really get heaven. Ask all the questions wrong. Because I think that's what it is a bit of time getting chills watching your baby in order to get on top of things sometimes.

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