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Whistleblower complaint alleges virus warnings were ignored


Remember Dr Rick Bright. He was the guy who would be in charge of the government's efforts to find a corona virus vaccine and two weeks ago. He was removed from this extremely important job with zero explanation. Then Dr Bright claimed he was fired for pushing back on President. Trump. President trump push for an unproven malaria drug to be essentially distributed on demand. Today he filed a really revealing and shocking whistleblower complaint charging among other things and abusive authority or gross mismanagement. He elaborated on a conference call reporters this afternoon two years however had been beyond challenging time. After time I was pressured to ignore or dismiss expert and scientific recommendations and instead to award lucrative contracts based on political connections in other words I was pressured to let politics and cronyism dry decisions over the opinions of the best scientists. We have in government Dr. Brian also described his concerns about the lack of government response to the growing outbreak. As far back as January after bright relayed concerns from domestic surgical mass produced that quote the mask supplies at imminent risk. Nothing happened for Week. Leading the mask producer. Email bright quote rick. I think we're in deep shit joining me now. Sam Stein politics editor of the daily beast reporter. Dr Rick Complaint today and Sam. It's it's a long and detailed document and it is quite revealing. What jumped out to you? Well two things. One is the stuff that happened prior to the corona virus outbreak. Which is he details. The systematically corrupt HHS process in which Huge contracts being awarded to people who are very close to top officials at the Agency. The more pressing thing obviously many detailed an administration that was basically had their heads in the sand. I with respect to the corner virus outbreak in China for weeks. Not Months you touched on a bunch of stuff early on but just warning for seeing that a shortage of n ninety five masks was going to be a huge problem and being unable to convince anyone up the chain that this is something they had to deal with also a or lack thereof around getting a vaccine in the developmental process which we now see the administration. The president has but he was talking with officials. January early February about the need to prioritize the stuff and of course got nowhere. But I think the larger thing I was it was interesting to hear. Kathleen civilians. Talk about this is that there's sort of a bigger picture here. Which is that. The careerist and the scientists in the administration were more or less ignored or pushed aside and have been since the onset of the administration's not just the disbanding of the pandemic units. But its people like Dr Bright who are dismissed as alarmist even though the scientist nistration and this is sort of common pattern that you see with his presidency where he goes more with his political guts and how he's thinking than actually doing any long term strategic planning and it's more than guts and there's an allegation of essentially corruption. Here right that that that you have career. Scientists and civil servants were making determinations based on the science and there's pressure from above from the trump administration to steer things in the direction of people that have a a monitor interest because they're buddies of the president like that. And that's one thing if you're talking about know a contract for buying pencils for a federal agency it's another we're talking about vaccines and lifesaving drugs right now. There's so there was this story which detailed the president's push for hydroxy chloroquine as therapy drug To be stockpiled against all sort of prevailing scientific evidence or lack thereof that it was effective in Dr Bright raise. Those concerns admitted that he brought to the attention or confirmed an inquiry from a journalist which ultimately led to his dismissal from his post. So that this is a case of someone saying this is really crazy. What we're doing is borderline not completely unethical. I mean stop and he took provocative steps to stop it. There was another story today. Involving a jared Kushner is Coronavirus tasks in which one of the complaints made against that was that Fox News personalities were able to jump to the front of the line in terms of getting people to hospitals that they deemed helpful. Or you know emotionally close to. So you're absolutely right. There's a horrific way to do this. In the trump administration is basically hitting every which is cronyism favoritism and dismissal. The science I want I want play. What a bride had to say about H- dismissal the of high hydrochloric being the kind of breaking point in terms of Administration take a listen. Americans need to have all the fax they need to know the truth about this pandemic need to be able to trust their government

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