Justice Department officials say decisions are politicized


To justice department whistle blowers speaking in front of the house Judiciary Committee today outlining a series of allegations regarding what they see as political meddling in department affairs under president trump and Attorney General William Barr judiciary chair Jerry Nadler told those assembled it seems clear that bill bars actions are politically motivated and improper the Attorney General had simply missed judged the situation and thought that Mr Birmingham would go quietly then we might truck up this episode to simple miscommunication and incompetence but make no mistake this was not an isolated incident joining us on the komo news line is A. B. C.'s Adam Kelsey Adam let's go into what Nadler is talking about Nadler and his fellow Democrats on the house Judiciary Committee essentially accusing the Attorney General William Barr politicized apartment justice serving as something of a cheerleader attacked Dr president trump and we heard from a number of witnesses including a former deputy Attorney General under Republican president George H. W. bush said bar refusing political cronies to reverse decisions involving trump associates and the called party completed the race in his lifetime to the rule of law and we also heard some really interesting testimony from a career prosecutor in the justice department who worked on the project stones he testified that pressure from senior department officials including the Attorney General led to more lenient sentencing and anybody else would be getting solely because Roger stone was an associate of president trump that the timing of this testimony was really interesting because it comes just hours after another trump associate general Michael when he found his atheist met after ruling by and you'll score basically coming after the justice department lobbied on his behalf so we're hearing in testimony on Capitol here and we're seeing it play out in real time to dissociate the president trump being treated special are being treated differently than any other average member of the country and the president had this to say today about what he thinks about Michael Flynn saying he thinks Michael Flynn was treated horribly by a group of very bad people expired on a campaign and they should never spy on a campaign to put it mildly never happened before in the history of our country will ease basically pointing the finger back at the Obama administration saying that while he was running for president president trump was running for president back in twenty fifteen to twenty sixteen he's saying that the Obama administration's justice department was illegally looking into what was going on in his campaign and basically comes down to accusations of partisanship and politicization on both sides of the aisle I think that the Democrats really going after the justice department which has been traditionally so independent from what's happening in the White House willing to at times look into and investigate the goings on of his own party at the White House and saying that William Barkat if he's doing is constitutionally required duty just acting on the president's behalf and present health kind of playing the what about game as he looks back a few years and says he with the Obama administration's justice department I was playing politics not his own is this all coming about because of tourney General William Barr removing the district attorney Geoffrey Berman ends yeah I mean it it certainly doesn't help William Barr's case and you know although president trump has the right to dismissed any of these US attorneys at anytime you like he was the optics of the situation William Barr announcing late on a Friday night that Berman with stepping down Berman later saying I never resign showing up for work the next day on a Saturday morning and then it having to be trump who steps in to actually fire him over the weekend it seems like the trump administration there never really crossing the line when it comes to their actions always seems like there's an administrative staff but they're going about it in the wrong way in a potentially illegal waste inspired by the Supreme Court on other issues being flagged on Capitol Hill today it seems like it the governing party administrative aspect of the action that president trump and his administration you get

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