Summer Reading: Ep. 233



Father's? Where's my grill I? Always say to my kids. Just what I went I don't fight I want a peaceful and actually I have that you don't want him. Fathers Go away for a day. Let me. Just read a book here quietly. which is sort of what they got me with with the Hammock, but you know enough about the DADS. Let's talk about us for a minute time that time. This is our books episode and I want to know from each of us. What is our reading life? We actually I. Don't think ever talk about this. We never just check in and say what are you? You watching. What are you reading? What are you eating like? What is the stuff of our daily existence? In honor of the authors that we have on today? I'd like to know from you Stephanie. Taylor Nick. What is your life like right now? So right now I think is a very different question. Right like usually I'm reading a bunch of books for this show a lot of books for the events. Where interview author so I'm usually I usually have a lot of reading all of it like schoolwork. You know what I mean like all of it like things. I'm doing for a purpose of Sanjoy those books as well but I'm not I'm not doing a lot of non work. Related Reading, which means I'm reading a lot of Jewish books. I think it's the takeaway, but to be honest. These last few months I have found it very difficult to read to sort of keep sustained attention focused on a page. Page of words I've been doing a lot of audible. I got an audible account, and I've been listening to books because I've had so much trouble reading that I'm like you know I. I actually really stopped listening to podcasts as well like I don't really listen to many news podcasts anymore. Sort of really shifted my listening snow. All my listening is mostly to books, and then I don't know if

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