New York City Marathon canceled because of coronavirus


Runners who had been looking forward to the twenty six point two miles of the New York City marathon later on this year who will now have to look forward even further to next year hopefully cancel yesterday because of the pandemic this city has canceled parades Broadway is closed until January so the announcement of the marathon's cancellation was not a surprise race director Jim Himes says they worked with the city to explore all options as much as it stands today we feel really strongly that this was the only decision that we can ultimately make so we were happy they were able to get to this point now rather than getting further down the road late June is when many runners begin to train for the grueling twenty six point two mile course and veteran New York City marathon Gabrielle Kleinman was relieved when you think about you know that fifty thousand runners and just the water stopped everybody sweating and you know it's just that you know you just don't see how it's possible in this environment runners are being given the option of a refund of the race fees they can also run next year's race or choose to defer until twenty twenty two or twenty twenty

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