Gaming Fixx LOTR #31 6/26/20 1sts in Gaming - burst 12


Nowadays like I, just can't keep track of every name anymore. Especially now. Better because the idea of finding a forge could be kind of interesting. I don't know. Actually I don't know that also might very one-sided. I think the forage wins. We can build a forge in your backyard and fight it and see what happens. You? Let's that's pretty much how I got my game on this week and Going fast the torch onto frame. Cool. Burn it all down. Oh? All Right! So. We'll start with my. Group of adventures that I have every Sunday at Pathfinder. And I don't really talk about a tumor while I of talked about it, but I am a venture captain in the La Orange County area and so i. I have a lot of pathfinder modules. And such and so this is Kinda my home game, and it will kind of. This is my home game that we're doing that. We started since quarantine on the group corn. Tabletop. And So are daring adventures got knocked out. This time got completely knocked out of a at lives. They got wiped basically they were fighting skeletons, but the skeletons are skeleton champions. which I don't know If you the stats on them both through pathfinder, but basically their Dr Five, bludgeoning, which means you have to do five damage bludgeoning, not anything else, so magic's not getting through it has to be. It in the way that the are works is it takes off five so like if you hit rides seven? That's two damage that went through. So, and just for whatever reason don't locker wherever they didn't have any clubs or even a even a staff staff would have done it right now and add anything that would have lent damage to late exactly and. That's t in good old seating games, right? Yes, someone tried that. Okay. Here's the thing you're going to do negative four. So. You'll hit. And Yeah. You doing bludgeoning, but you're doing one point of damage if that and like it's a minus like says. The hit two so. Your chances of hitting were really bad. Also there a C nineteen. So the idea punching him not the best idea because if you're going arms, and you're not a monk, then you know your hit is going to be right, and it sounds like it would actually you're running up to like something that's completely armored in punching it like that hurt you. It should, but it doesn't by the rules, but it's not going to do much damage, and you are putting yourself up next to it, and that's not the best plan. It's like I wrote. Punched Law Law Hurts me. I'd take Tutti damage. Were hitting and then the skeletons hit for a plus seven on their attack, and it was a d eight plus three as further damage. So, yeah, these these were some tough customers and there were seven of them. And basically on what happened like the session before? Is They were like? Hey, we have some things WANNA do want to collect some things, but I knew the skeletons were down. There and I'm like one okay. But if you want to collect some things, you can do an accession because I knew that that fight was gonna go for a little bit in a did. It went for about an hour. Maybe actually know that was like most the session maybe three hours. and. They got knocked out. and. Luckily they have this NPC. WHO'S ARCAND AND He just basically went. Okay now, I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA CAST Circle Production Evil. You guys aren't going to tackle anymore. And I'M GONNA go about my business I'm GONNA drag my buddies into this book that I found and I'm going to leave. Because you can't touch me because I've got circle protection evil, so I'm just GONNA use that. And yet a little more cowardly than I probably would generally use and honestly like from a celestial. And might be out of character a little bit, but you know it had to throw them a bone. Right right if you WANNA keep the game going. So then when they got to the shore after figuring out how to get to the shore figuring out how the compass worked and everything. Found out and this is interesting. If you have any levels of survival, you have automatic knowledge of which way North is according to the book SOS interesting. So that's actually a really cool goal. Little Act Right, so we found that out and so then we just went. They went to the poor, but they were There were interlopers. and. Yep they were from another land, and so the guards were not happy, they were there. and. They were like you're going to have to spend the night in jail. Until. We sort this all out. And I may have enacted some of the things that have happened in the news with the police. And these guards so. No. And Avenue. Get Time. Wearing was involved in such. Someone's neck. No nothing like that. Okay, we didn't go there I. For All right, so that was that and then we basically got to the point where they were the pathfinder. Now I gotta say this is a complaint is if you're DM is like hey. These are the Times. So how long is this going to be? And you have a conversation about it the last you know maybe thirty forty five minutes. Then don't go back on it, 'cause. That's really frustrating his. It's like you asked. I, asked about time.

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