GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 704: MLB Storylines, Vince Carter Retires, and Top 5 Number 1 Picks - burst 25


There was a passing yards passing touchdown passing touchdowns leader. But Cam even though only has three three pro bowls. Excuse me talking tough. This episode of leprosy wrong the MVP off the player of the year when rookie of the year too so. It's hard for me to say. That Lake Look Sherifi brethren, but again if he plays Moinuddin retire, maybe he would have been. But. I mean based solely on the NFL. Me If you go to college and became one left eggs, or so that doesn't a matter but yeah I I guess I, probably have to go with Cam but Canadian. Look third season, the my number three. In terms of. Invest players though I mean, you can make the argument for Mario Williams being high, because even though he wasn't like the greatest number one overall pick you still made. Four pro bowls had almost one hundred sacks for his career, which isn't isn't nothing. One made a first team. All pro to actually hold on I'm actually put him third. Made three pro teams of first team into second teams. He in his career. He had what what's high sack. Till we had a at a fourteen season twelve axes in the thirteen, th season, the fourteen, the hassle season I, forgot he had that really good year ran with buffalo like two thousand fourteen. I might put him third. Only because Nah. It's. Keeping your doctor this because I think he's a better player, but more Williams as like. As great as it sounds. Like he's not, he wasn't like emotional. Think about him. Too much. We think of recent. Recent number of recent as last. Ten to twenty years, number won't picks, but he actually wasn't that bad on the normally talks about mean, maybe outside the tax but Yankee. Wasn't that bad considering where he was picked. Again there. They're a lot. There are a lot of picks. There are a lot of top. Highly pick pass that don't get anywhere near one hundred sacks for Korean with ninety seven and a half so. It's not bad sixty four bullets twenty one pass deflections. The is at three proteins one first to second like that's not not the worst on. You can do a lot worse than that. By this again, I just think English was. Probably better player overall, you can make argument the Andrew Luck. was. At minimum have quarterback for at least. Four Seasons of his career. I would argue again I. Don't know if that. Bears out. But I think you can make the argument for at least. Uniquely this year considered quarterback. In my opinion, you have some injuries, but. Amini had multiple four thousand yard seasons, and every year had four thousand dollars for twenty thirteen off the when he missed. Some games have forty touchdown season had a thirty nine touchdown season last year two years ago. I should say. I'm had the big playoff comeback into chiefs? hasn't playoff success again. Didn't didn't win the super bowl or anything, but. As some success in the league. Outside of like I, said that one year have won eleven games. Three times won ten games wants so. Margaret Williams is not a bad number, one pick, but. Personally, Angela, which is like at? At his best, probably a little bit better of a player again fourteen knapsacks with nothing Scott. So! I'm not trying to sit here and disparage Mario Williams too much, but. Again, this is just my own personal list. began. He had a great career. which I feel not enough, not a great. He had a soccer for number. One pick which I feel like not enough people talk about, and then it was interesting. 'cause I WANNA. Put My mic on there because if he doesn't go to jail, and maybe he gets in such the care about the quarterback position a little bit more before he gets the Philly he could have been one of the top guys apparently, and he's not gonNA. Win Two super bowls most likely, but could have been. Higher on Cam, but also when you look at like Jake long the tackle I. Know Obviously Hard To. Judge offensive line play. But I mean the God made four pro bowls Amilton all pro. and. Was a starter for six years as left again he was. He's out. The League, early Saddam by thirty one. But I mean. I mean. Say My victim bias. That I was like came in my two favorite players growing up. but I mean if someone was a project long, I can't blame you, but I'm Gonna I'm not leaving Michael on my again you're gonNA agree even disagree. I honestly. Doesn't matter because I've won so now that their opinions you. May think my opinion on this is wrong, but. I will admit that when it comes to Mike Vick, and when it comes down and mainly the long those long to athletes on some boxing. I'M NOT GONNA. Ever call him like the glorious Tom Anything. Not that level buys for like. If I can fit them in. I'll try to fit them in. Beyond I'm getting. Mike. Vick is. One of the main things in football on got me into one to play quarterback. Not The only quarterback, but he's he's one of them. and. And even with his career. It's just like a weekly like the gap route in jail. But then not also dislike his numbers, really passing grade three thousand yards twice. two, thousand ten. And twenty eleven with with the Eagles. Only through for over twenty touchdowns twice. obviously had the good rushing stats. but still that that the game against Washington on the money game, one of the best performances I've ever seen from a quarterback literally ever. also ran frequent around for a thousand yards. In a season I believe correct if I'm wrong on that and. Also the run where where the against Minnesota to win, the plow game related specifically to to run into each other as well, not run to the end of the meeting the after, but you. You plant you get the point. Seattle he has, and he was just such an important player. To Atlanta at the time, but also just like football, especially for a lot of African Americans out there that wanted to be a quarterback, but didn't really have a guy. You could look at to be like Oh this is. I won't say. The Dr Finding now people have done much worse I like to remind people that like. He served his time with jail. Reform himself like. People still try to get on him, but again the man went to jail is all good? No, not at all, but people have done worse things. A and B the time it is what it is. Million like I said I'm biased. Put Him in. He's probably GONNA to be at five so. If you looked at the top ten. If you looked at the top lasting, 'cause, the guy like cloudy Garrett like they may be higher, but they're not. They haven't had enough yet. even a car. Probably be up there eventually. Maybe even Joe Borough to their guys could potentially. Rise up the ranks, but as of right now. They haven't done enough and not their father, just their new league, but I looked top five number. One picks my five now. When picks the last twenty years? I me Eli Cam. Luck in Martin Margaret Williams could flip flop and then Jake Long. Mike Vick five six. They could easily for fun but I feel like align cam just because you have the Super Bowl's in camp, the MVP, it's you can't really put anybody about. Those guys would just crazy 'cause I don't even think he is the best blood like he has not the best player on this list. At his peak like he's not better than probably the four guys below him in Cam, Andrew, luck. Margaret Williams in Mike Vick. But Super Bowls carver argue with the same thing for Cam Cam. You could argue maybe into levels a better quarterback. I would argue

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