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Hello. To my favorite murder. them any so many sewed short sweet. Filled with horror. Just the way like it just the way real quick like. On a Monday You love Monday. What's your pandemic Monday look like? Staying in better be, it'd be, and if not wearing a mask wearing a mask every. Political it's not. Up to you dad. Sorry. I. Know after you. Know please scientist! Okay this subject line of this is drugs. Murder Pagans my mom's endocrinologist. WHOA, hello, ladies and Steven allow me to start with the traditional. Thank you so much for making this podcast. You guys have kept me company. Finishing Pharmacy School and moving to Connecticut to start my residency Yada Yada. Let's get to it. I was raised in a town called harbor township. New Jersey not known for anything as far as I know. In Two thousand twelve, April Kaufman local radio host and veteran affairs advocate was found shot dead in her home, her husband. was suspected, but there was insufficient evidence to pin anyone. depend on anyone and the case went cold. Wasn't enter college EST parentheses. My Mom's actually who opera who operated out of E. H. T.. Egg Harbor Township and also worked as a veterans advocate since he was an armed I as veteran himself, he filed a lawsuit to obtain payout April's life insurance, but they refuse to pay him. Until they received verification that he was not involved with the murder, it was daughter publicly claimed that he was responsible for the death, and filed a suit to prevent him from claiming the life insurance low fast-forward June twenty seventeen when police go to. Enter Office with a search warrant due to quote, suspected criminal activity unrelated to the murder case this is worship gets crazy, grown, wieder or something. He's growing blood. Isn't that. What enter contests are about I was Gonna ask and then I thought that sounds stupid. hematologists are blood, and our chronology is like hormones and Clare, Moan and thyroid thyroid. It's pretty gallbladder specific I would say. I go to one and yet I don't know. What part of you is it for? She's giving me pills. Pill. Yeah, so when the police arrived. Pulls a nine millimeter handgun pointed at himself and claims he's going to kill him, so he's caught on a police body Cam, saying quote. I'm not going to jail for this. After a brief standoff, no one got hurt. He's arrested and they searches office I. They find that he never served in the military and had lied to everyone including his wife about being a veteran holy Shin Out, then they find evidence that he had been supplying narcotics to a drug ring run by a Pagan Motorcycle Gang since twenty eleven. A motorcycle gang that worships the Earth Mother Guy. Here in Egg Danja. Oh, it's they're all about Easter. A okay back in twenty twelve, he was having marital issues and his wife wanted a divorce. She also threatened to expose. Doug operation the leader of the gang hired. To take her out. Entered April's home shot her. And left without detection. He was found dead from a heroin overdose. Eighteen months later. The drug ring continued until. Ben was arrested for weapons and obstruction charges in two thousand seventeen. I was actually working at a local CVS at the time, and we were amused by the arrest story until multiple patients came in requesting medications with zero refills left and guess who the prescriber was. Not sure if you can call the county jail to buy a new prescription anyways after that arrest. was also brought in on charges related to the drug ring. He was also accused of making plans to have. Killed her fear that he would flip on him. Both men were charged with first degree murder of April Kaufman twenty eighteen one week after the murder charge. was found dead in his jail cell, due to an apparent suicide, although some including me one hundred percent believe this was a hit job by the gang. Either way there's one less devious asshole alive on her. Wow. Wow. You again and sorry for the lengthy s e mail, stay sexy and vet. Your Doctors Cassidy. Wow, that have been a good like full episode I mean. Story is insane. Soon should be cut it in so yeah. I mean that's like it's. What is it with doctors? These I just I think of that. One dateline I watched where the doctor whoever the host was I'm bet it was Keith Morrison was like. Basically asking all these questions, and he was just very flatly answering and you just knew he did as. was answering like the absolutely was not there and you're like Oh. My. God, you were there. You're making yourself seem guiltier. Doctors don't let your husband's grow up to be. Drug. Drug Drug Ring Mule for the motorcycle gangs God is. Yeah okay. This is called a girl, a murderer and a pizza place. Hello, Spooky Murder Friends! This is a bit long, so I'll just get right to it. I'm from a small town in northern. California called Rodeo. Do you know it, is it? It's out. It's I. Don't know how what the pronunciation is, but I think it's it's east. It's northeast. Okay, so it's more, but I just WANNA. Make sure I'm saying it right I. Don't know Rodeo. That's probably right. Our biggest import is math and our biggest export is members of Green Day. Maybe, it's not too far. The lead singers. MOM still lives there. Shot kind of a lot of fucked up. There, but those are stories for another day. One of the neighboring towns is called Crockett and it also tiny. Not Know. How heard of either those town? Okay? Crooked is most famous for the CNA Sugar Factory. All the kids from Rodeo and Crockett and the same elementary middle and high school, we all know each other, and the vibe is a very typical small town suburban Weirdo vibe. There is a single pizza parlor and Crockett called four corners. On September twenty fourth, nineteen, ninety-six, a sweet baby angel named Priscilla Lewis was working her usual shift at the pizza place when she was attacked and murdered in the creepy basement bathroom of the Strip mall in which four corners is located. That's horrible. She's only twenty one years old and was working hard to save to buy a home. There's some conflicting theories on how she died, but the most popular one is at someone snagged her from the top of the stairwell. The staff at the restaurant hardly use that bathroom because it was so creepy and dragged her downstairs where she was then strangled to death, her body was found by the cook when he went downstairs to look for her after she didn't return from her break before closing. The case is still cold in Priscilla's murderer has yet to be caught. I was six when this happened, so mom rightly so shielded me from Priscilla's horrifically sad death when it got to middle school. What older sisters friends told me Priscilla Priscilla story while

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