Leveraging the Quadruple Aim in Healthcare Innovation with Jeroen Tas



Welcome back to the outcomes. Rocket today I have the privilege of hosting Garin Tass. He's a chief innovation and Strategy Officer of Royal Philips a position. He's held since February two thousand seventeen year experienced global executive and entrepreneur with the track record of leading innovation in healthcare, information, technology and financial services industries. He clearly sees the tremendous value that information technology and data can add to managing health, leading the company's Global Innovation and Strategy Organization he's responsible for emanate strategy planning RND Solution Design Medical Affairs Sustainability. Technology, platforms ventures. Ventures and emerging businesses, he's in charge of creating a pipeline of innovation in their various businesses that Phillips covers within healthcare. They are focused on delivering on quadruple aim, which is improving health outcomes, improving patient, experience, staff, satisfaction and lowering the cost of care, and in my interview with urine. He dives deep into how they're doing that with some great examples that you will enjoy. He's a respected thought leader and was responsible for turning around. Philips healthcare it business and has been instrumental in establishing health sweet as a new. New Open Industry Standard for the healthcare. Internet of things cloud platform year and joined Phillips in twenty eleven, leading it worldwide as group chief information officer in two thousand fourteen. He became CEO of Phillips Healthcare. Informatics solutions and services, overseeing digital health and clinical informatics from two thousand sixteen. He led the company's connected care and informatics business, demonstrating passion to create new models of people centric healthcare based on the power of information technology before joining Phillips Urine Co founded and served as president. CEO and Vice Chairman of the board. Board for emphasis and it and business process outsourcing company, which was acquired by HP in two, thousand, six, prior to emphasise. He was head of Transaction Technology Citigroup's tech lab. Who's responsible for innovation and development of the banks customer facing systems, including Internet, banking and self service devices from two thousand seven to eight. He was VPN general manager at EDS responsible for the company's global competency centers. He has been a winner of the Eny entrepreneur of the year award, and many more but in two days after. We're going to dive into how it's important to focus on the quadruple aim, but also how diverse mindset such as Mr is diverse mindset and experience across different industries can help us in healthcare and looking at different perspectives to drive the most value for our healthcare dollar, and to provide the best care for patients, so such a privilege to have Mr task on the podcast today. Yaron thanks so much for joining me. really pleasure to be there so so. What an incredible Just work that you do. you know had a chance to to really. Connect with you a little bit further when we were in Vegas. Together offer the health meeting. Bud what what happens in Vegas Stays Vegas. All right so there we go. Let's change topics. I'd love if you could just share what inspires your your work in healthcare? Well, I think like all of us. We have personal stories. have personal stories. It's related the to health and You know what really motivated me to to get into. Healthcare is when my daughter was diagnosed with type, one diabetes and She was rushed to the hospital and spend a couple of days in the ICU. And I think confronted me with. The Way Healthcare is organized confronted knee wits how technology is used. My reaction was wow this. This can be so much better you know in my daughter regularly says I'm I'm actually the the care coordinator because? Diabetes is a complex disease with complications and their mental aspects to it as well, and she says I I kind of have to coordinate between cared disciplines, and I'm also data aggregate, or because every time I go somewhere. I need to carry my files and explain what the what has happened,

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