You End Up Where You're Heading: The Hidden Dangers of Living a Safe Life with Jimmy Rex


You know, we'll be talking about the hidden dangers of living a safe life because Jimmy's written a great new book called you end up where you're heading the hidden dangers of living that safe life. Is Kick it right off Jimi. Because what do you mean exactly when you say there hidden dangers of living a safe life I mean don't we just want to minimize? Our risk was to deal with us. And that's what's kind of funny as in the past when you know civilizations, reforming and everything else the whole purpose was the explorers had all the danger, the people that went out and did those things they left the sellers behind the settlers job was to build walls. to around those places that are already mapped out to kind of. Help. Make it predictable surprises destroy. Build walls Ford's till the fields reproduce all those things. And that was the safe life was to be the settler. All the explorers I mean even the good ones that we know about. You Know Marco Polo and others I mean they ended up getting killed on their expectations, but these settlers had kind of this safe life, and unfortunately it's kind of changed now with social and technological advances. We've wiped. Most the dangers of the frontier calories are cheap transportation safe. It's fast plagues, minus the Krona virus is pretty much been eradicated. You know but modern explorers They're the ones that get to venture out the high degree. They have a lot of uncertainty, but they kind of they're gonNA. Return in one piece You know there's you're not worried about getting. Having to sell the sees with unsmooth waters, not having to worry about. People thinking that you're doing witchcraft or here see and things like that, and so where the danger come in now is you know the reality is if you're the person that's sitting in settling just kind of? Staying in your safe place, you're going to have a lot of harsh conditions coming out of that, you're going to have you know. Forms of addiction, obesity, burnout, heart, disease, anxiety, depression, and for what so you can you know? Maybe get a little bit bigger house. You can have a mediocre relationship comfort. So for the whole idea of the book, the whole idea of the title and everything else is we think that leading a safe life is kind of camping in and and kind of building ourselves into this is a small world, but the real value of the real beauty of life is getting out and exploring. What's out there? It is really interesting because when you think about it, and you hear you know all those stories from the olden days you hear that phrase over and over again that you can see who the pioneers are because they have the arrows in their back there the people. That went like we're going West like. We're going to the Pacific and you never heard from them again. Because they went out, they went into native American country, were they? Just you know had exposure because of the rocky winters in. Different thing all those different things, so you know it's really interesting to hear that things have flipped because most people they choose what they perceived to be this quote, unquote safe life so beyond what you've already shared his. You've already kind of shared a little overview of what that happens. It's going to a couple specifics on why we as human beings do this, and maybe we shouldn't. If you picture, there's a map on a table and somebody's got their head over the map and they're looking. Looking at this map and they see that is their entire world, and they think okay. This is what I know. This is what I'm comfortable with. This is where I feel safe, but in most people live their whole lives with that map zoomed in, but if somebody were to come up and go, hey, pull the map back. Pull your head back and you notice. The map is one hundred times bigger than you ever thought. And this happened to me in my own life I was born. To believe one thing and I live that way for over thirty years, and then all of a sudden I had a couple of life experience. I started traveling the world I got to go. I've been over sixty eight countries now. And with my travels every single time I went, there was so much reward. There's so much joy there was so much beauty and these other worlds that existed as like I got to see so many different parts of life and so many different cultures and every time I went. I learned other things I started to realize that all these things I was uncomfortable with once. I got to know them. The discomfort went away and it actually became a much stronger love, so I'll give you one example. I was in Egypt a couple years ago and a good. Good friend of mine hit, invited me to go with him, and he, visiting his family in Egypt, and I've always had this fear, just being honest of Islamic people and his family was there, and they had this beautiful Islamic about thirty of them I was when I first got, there was so uncomfortable, and then all the sudden I saw the love and the way they took me into his mom came up to me, and she said I've been worried about my son in the united. States for twenty years and having met one of his best friends. All my fears gone away. I can see he has he's beautiful France, and it creates his atmosphere that creates these experiences life experiences, where you just truly get to step out of your old map and look at this new form of it, and it's so much more bigger and so much more

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