Playin The Pups - The Power Trip [FULL SHOW] - burst 28

The Power Trip


Toys. Oh, Lord what did you say? Greens Greens. Runaway win learn seven. I got I knew I'd got three but I think Tommy light to himself and about three. Yes, today! These were his answered Paul doesn't look now. Because the answer is not garlic bread. Doesn't meditate. Nine. The meditates. You Got Sixty your. Meditate of Codeword for masturbating. Okay Bird of very deep. Thursdays are fun. I love you. Tomorrow! Initials game three seventeen initial jackpot up to fifty five hundred dollars. WHO ON. Grade last. Aj's got a couple in a row. I think the all time record for consecutive wins believe is four ten. So. Somebody's to slow down tomorrow at about eight fifteen. We're back tomorrow five thirty nine. Thanks Carly, good to

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