Minnesota Twins relieved Buxton's left foot injury just a sprain

Dan Barreiro


Byron. Buxton was injured last night. Dan didn't believe me when I brought it at like five fifty five I. Don't know what they were doing at target field if they were doing and inner squad scrimmage or whatever it was yesterday, I wasn't at the shoot around I. Don't know if you're at the shoot around no I I'm. I'm sitting there and I'm going through twitter and I think it was Dan Hays from the athletic who had at first and then everybody kind of followed suit of your gleaming video of yes, yeah, and at first somebody actually it was John Shipley had it first and mentioned that he thought Buxton got hurt running into the wall, which turned out to be incorrect, he corrected that pretty quickly, but for a moment there you already can't make it up. No, it was almost like you really can't make it up by him. Running into a wall turns out. He got his foot basically caught in the Turf Yup was carted off. And it's a left mid foot sprain. He is listed as day today. It's amazing. It's amazing. Man and it's just so weird because. Every good prospect that we've ever that we've been really excited. About has just been okay or been derailed by injuries

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