That's what he had to say yesterday.


The rate of young white men. So the president sits down talks. Race relations with CBS is not exactly Friendly with that network now, is it? It's now 17 minutes after a seven o'clock. So what's he up to today is going to hit the road to tout his transportation agenda. He's off to Atlanta. There's foxes, John Decker. The president's visit to Atlanta to announce a policy change, designed to speed infrastructure projects will be the president's ninth trip to Georgia since taking office. It's the latest sign that Republicans are increasingly concerned about keeping Georgia in the GOP column in November of Fox News poll released three weeks ago, showed former Vice President Joe Biden leading the president. Among those surveyed By 2% points. President Trump's last visit to Atlanta came on March 6th when he visited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as the Corona virus pandemic worsened in Washington. John Decker Fox News by the way, Joe Biden's presidential campaign actually launched its first general election ad. Ended so in Texas, so that's interesting to see if he spend the money on TV in Texas and a certain a blitz in Texas. They must be looking at that the campaign views it. As a competitive state that's traditionally read. I mean deep red. The last time Texas voted for a Democrat for president was 1976. So Joe Biden's presidential campaign launching a TV ad there in Texas President Trump promises to sign a very big his words Executive order on immigration Soon he was speaking at the White House yesterday, Trump suggested it will be a response to the Supreme Court's recent decision on DACA. The high court blocked Trump's effort to end the Obama era policy that protects the dreamers. President did not elaborate, though in the upcoming executive order except to say that he favors merit based immigration. Dreamers, of course, their hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants who were actually brought into the US illegally as Children, so Trump accused Democrats yesterday of favoring open borders. And he said that they aimed to tear down his border wall. They also said Democrats have fueled by the quote radical left. He insisted that the U. S immigration system will be a mess of former VP Joe Biden wins the White House

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