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Americans Flock to Public Places Without Social Distancing With Climbing Coronavirus Death Toll - burst 3


The approaches to the beaches in rehoboth and beach ambassadors. The beach patrol. I talked to the Captain Beach Patrol and a couple of his life guards there and they were very positive They're focused on education. I there are GONNA be people. But they're in the minority that aren't wearing mask and that's different than it was really even a couple of weeks ago and certainly way different than it was back in. March when we had this shut the beaches down in the first instance so might trip down there today. I was just really impressed with what I saw. Very proud to be a delaware. Y- people who wear masks not only protect themselves but much more importantly they protect others who are walking nearby or standing nearby which is critically important. I know you have a mandatory fourteen day. Quarantine in Delaware for visitors from outside the state and a ban on short term rentals. How long do you think those measures are going to be in place? If somebody from New Jersey or Maryland wants to come in to Delaware what happens?

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