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Figuring out what you're for mayor trump and you a black since that comment the trump campaign has been ripping biting on social media calling his remark racist and dehumanizing the former vice president apologized for his words a few hours later during a call with black business leaders he said he shouldn't have been quote such a wise guy and insisted he does not take black voters for granted Biden adding that no one should have to vote for any party based on their race religion or background the Twitter feud between president trump and his former Attorney General Jeff sessions showing no sign of ending in a tweet today the president said sessions should drop out of the race for his old Senate seat so that Republicans don't wind up losing that election again president trump has already endorsed sessions rival in the states rob Republican primary and has been battering his former cabinet members on Twitter but sessions finally stood up to his old boss on Friday by lashing out at him directly tweeting that Alabama voters will pick the state's next senator not to president trump the winner of the Republican primary will face incumbent democratic senator Doug Jones in November

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On the syndicated radio show

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