Case #57 Hollow Earth + Mole People

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Hit Start Go. Now it's Arche. We'll good surged. That was weird. Listen everything's weird. Also I need you to read the brief summary of this episode. You don't have to pull out among them. Hungary my favorite part which I was I love it. Oh Man I am ridiculous not okay. That's totally fine. You know what also unrelated one hundred percent unrelated Can you believe that when this episode airs? It's going to be the last Monday of May Memorial Day No I can't believe that. Also your birthdays around the corner. Oh my gosh like you're about to join the thirty clue I know I keep forgetting about. It reminded me not really not the reason really just like not day after day five. It's just like whatever this is the same and then there's the whole corona virus thing. Yeah I'M NOT GONNA lie out. It's not fun. I mean you have the same things I understand. It's totally fine. We always get the shaft on our birthdays don't we? I know it's so funny though looking back like we were like ten right. You counted ahead to see. Like what day your thirtieth birthday would on year it would be you know and I was like oh I'm getting. It's going to be perfect. It's going to be the twenty twenty. It's going to be on a Saturday. It's going to be able to go out and like no reality. Hits then the world decides to end exactly but that's fine. My favorite. That kills me every time every time works every time. Which by the way did you see that link share behaves? Oh my Gosh Mindy failing and Dan Gore Armenian writing the thing the newly blonde. Yes and Reese. Witherspoon will star amazing and that is the best birthday present. I could have asked for being. Yeah literally literally. If you're not excited than you're not human exactly know someone. I now bought a shirt that says your remind me of the fourth of July me on a hot dog real in is she was telling the group chat that I'm in and nobody else got it. Not genuinely don't know to like get an education. That's what I'm saying. What like it's hard exactly. It's not I mean we could do this all day. We could save our listeners that excruciating. Amin unless they want it you. Yeah you guys let us know. Y'All let us know what content you want. Nope we will perfor- we'll make it happen as long as it's worth getting the loss that's Oh my goodness so are you ready to talk about the world being a donut on my gosh. Are you kidding me conspiracy and I'm ready. Oh it's this one is a doozy in. It's mostly because a president was like he is okay so I'm just going to jump in. Why do I jump into this? Just jumping today. We're talking about Hulo theory slash mall people which is like product. We're not really talking about them. But it's a thing right. You can't talk about Holloway Without More People. Exactly 'cause that's where they live right. Avi So for those of you who don't know what hollow Earth Theory Theory is which you know Same I didn't totally know what it was. I knew it just meant if you take the world and make it like a jelly donut. All of the Jelly out. That's what the Earth would be like. That's a really good explanation. Thank you again. I was hungry when I was looking all well. That makes me hungry. And now I really WanNa Jelly to cream filled ones. I WANNA donut anyway. Any digress we digress anyways so the theory was that instead of you know the core of the earth lava magma. There's just literally nothing. There's just a hole in the middle of the earth and for some theories. This whole is like perfectly made to have like like extra special top of the line. People grow like really tall. People really tall big huge animals. Huge trees and stuff. Like if you've seen center journey to the center of the earth like think that okay. I haven't seen that but the sounds crazy. It is apparently. I've never been to the center but you know I mean I haven't either. I didn't right after this whole corona thing. Does it anyways? So that's basically what the theory is. There's a bunch of spin offs that will get into But really all we need to know is in theory. The Earth has no center. Okay like where did this theory start so okay? Yeah I mean like can we backtrack? We can backtrack a little bit. So here's the thing it started in like the sixteen sixteen and I didn't write down his name because honestly there were like a bunch of different people that started talking about it. Okay and I don't know like nobody ever said where this theory came from or why they were thinking about it. Okay it just is one of those things where it just like popped up and then scientists started following it and then like it became this thing that people were like. Yeah this seems possible So I know weird but let's fast forward to eighteen hundreds okay When President John Quincy Adams came into power? Okay okay now. Let's talk about him. I again because President. John Quincy Adams was kind of a weird dude. Okay this is new infamy yet so I don't think he was totally weird like if he was in our time he wouldn't be totally weird but like in his time. He was a.

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