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In these blue states because their power from New York


In these massive blows states so that trump can be blamed for it trump is going to get let me can I get real cynical for you try this the more people who die the more energy the Democrats have to blame trump for it why do you think these these are models are showing increased projection of death along with the increased projection of cases because to these people more death equals more blame on Donald Trump this is the campaign strategy in Togo of the Democrat party they can't find any other way to beat trump they have been able to impeach him they have been able to find anything criminal during investigations I am unable to do diddly squat so what they're doing now is trying to take advantage of some is fallen into her lap the corona virus give them an extraordinary opportunity to do and inflicted maintain the infliction of great damage on the economy it's an age old political truth bad back pocket issues determine winners and losers of elections and they are hell bent here on this economy being seen as continually thwarted lockdowns will slow down more people out of work deployment right why using people on welfare rising even if deaths go up it's good for them they

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In these blue states because their power from New York

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