Coronavirus: What You Need To Know


As each state has now taken at least a step toward easing restrictions meant to contain the corona virus. We're getting a clearer. Picture of communities have been most affected. It's lower income communities and communities of color particularly in New York City where twenty seven percent of people in those neighborhoods tested positive for coronavirus. Antibodies compared to nineteen percent of the general citywide population. The spread is continuing in those communities. And that's where the new cases are coming. Andrew Cuomo said today. The gap is even wider in certain parts of the Bronx and Brooklyn where more than forty percent of. The people have the antibodies. That's where the cases coming from. That's where the new hospitalizations coming from. That's going into the hospital system. That's where you're going to see the highest number of deaths. He said the state would begin. A public health education campaign in housing projects and distribute masks and hand sanitizer getting the P. p. e. into the community getting the hand sanitizer into the community explaining social distancing. And why that's so important and explain how this virus spreads its public health education effort to those who live in public housing. This is overdue. The density makes social distancing difficult and leaves tenants vulnerable this week. Abc News is offering special coverage of the disproportionate impact of Corona virus on Black Hispanic and indigenous Americans in a series called a nation divided. Ju- Brown joins US FROM JOURNEY FOR JUSTICE ALLIANCE IN CHICAGO. Why is this virus hitting communities of color so hard you know Cova crisis just unveils? Horrible practice that we've experienced really for decades in this country which has been the sabotage of our basic quality of life institutions food production delivery systems health care education housing economic development So those things that many Americans take for granted. We often have to fight and scratch for so. This crisis really exposes our country's lack of willingness to address these issues. How does that play where you are in Chicago? Going to pandemic really a hit. We started seek death with around the country is Chicago today. Early thirty percent of the population we would seventy percent of the deaths and while this is happening Many of our hospitals were on the brink of closing such as Mercy Hospital. We've already lost. Michael Reese Hospital in virtually every other hospital in the black community has been starved to the point of really minimum capacity but at me when the pandemic hit many of our people who have pre existing conditions. We go to the hospital with sent back home right. I HAVE FAMILY FAMILY MEMBER. Who would sit back home from the Emergency Room? Three times and died. What's causing these gaps and disparities? Will you know This African proverb that says the truth. The simple complicated is a lot and I think at some point. We have to realize that America has never dealt with her ugly which is a baseless hatred for Black Brown indigenous families. It's to tional. Racism is the reason institutional. Racism is at play so people going to say that black people get Kobe because we are not listening right while ignoring a white families that are storming the state capital in Michigan or doing protest all over the country. And they're not social distancing we are getting covert because we don't have health we are getting covert because we're going to the high school in sending us home and so I think at the federal level and at the local level what we must have from people is the first thing humility understanding that you not better than at mother who's a high school graduate who works at Walmart that that mother is working just as hard as you to make the future for her baby. Do you think the clamor for reopening would be different if it weren't communities of color that are now the source of the most new cove infections. I definitely believe that's that's a major part of it at once. People realize that is Black Brown indigenous folks. That are getting sick. They're getting sick. The most sensitive importance has gone down a great deal. We had a very critical moment. Where we see America's response to life or death leads has not changed so institutionalized level loveless nece is alive and well and we but we have a moment an opportunity to change it t- to Brown of journey for Justice Alliance in

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