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The exit for route five branch


One you're going to encounter currently blocks the right lane less than a quarter mile ahead ahead second disabled vehicle blocks the right lane traffic moving well on the Amarillo quiet on the capital beltway over in Montgomery county in the district crash activity now being reported in north van DEC two ninety five approaching Burroughs Avenue the two right lanes are blocked we are seeing delays on this north bound side open side of Pennsylvania Avenue right near branch Avenue single lane does schedule by the crash activity and in Maryland southbound ninety five right near one ninety eight disabled vehicle tire changer being reported blocking the right lane to use have been the Cosham northbound route to Richie highway after route fifty earlier crash cleared otherwise pretty good Reilly D. in both directions on route fifteen at the Chesapeake Bay bridge currently two lanes are heading eastbound three coming over the westbound span over in Virginia and north bound on the GW parkway approaching the are

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The exit for route five branch

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