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The Day Elvis Almost Didn't Come To Work - burst 56


Let's talk about the match. It was tiger woods peyton manning versus Phil Mickelson and. Tom Brady eat now. I actually bet froggy five bucks on this one of course so you can now take that five dollars and by Lisa new milk with that. He was the weaker of the four golfers but hit this amazing shot as he was getting heckled by Charles. Barkley so this is what it sounds like. Wow Hey hey man I got shut your mouth medicine. Tom Brady wins a million dollars. Twenty million dollars. Tom Brady split his pants. Then young. All right This is kind of interesting so the show killing Eve on Hulu. There was a song that was on. It called Recorded by his band Jack Leopards and the Dolphin Club. It was a cover of Taylor. Swift's look what you made me do. Now here's what it sounds like harder on. Who's from bed

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