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Taylor Swift’s (Apparent) Remake of ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ with Brother Austin Fires Up Fandom


Over the weekend Taylor announced that she was very excited about a cover of look what you made me do which is used on the show killing eve now the cover is credited to Jack leopards in the golfing club a lot of people believe that the male singer is Taylor's brother Austin Smith he apparently used the name dolphin club in the past and the group has no other sound out also the co producers are listed as Jack Antonoff and nails forged Berg okay this it's the name Taylor use when she co wrote this is what you came for for Rhiannon Calvin Harris in twenty sixteen that name was on there that was Taylor swift is it commented yet but this is a very sneaky sneaky sneaky way to get around that whole rule about you bought the rights to my music yeah so on to a cover version yet yeah that's

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