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We Win Stadium you will be at home. I can promise you will feel you support. Stay safe. We are still with you and. You'll never walk alone. That was liberal F. C manager Jergen KLOPP in a message released yesterday. That will bring a tear, not just the eyes of his supporters. The dare I say anyone who cares about the most popular sports league in the world. That's right folks. After a three-month hiatus. The English Premier League is back today. Roger Bennett from men in blazers fills us in on these frantic few remaining weeks. So grab a pint and US as sub optimal tour of English soccer. I'm sorry, English football. I mean it comes. It's Wednesday. June seventeenth. This is ESPN daily. Presented by marathon. Roger! Kim's. Are you relieved? Your any skin daily and not my NFL pod, talking about your beloved quarterback Mitch Trubisky You Know God Love Mitch. trubisky is an incredible pressure to be knowing that your whole life is just destined to pan out to become the answer to a trivia question in about ten years, who was taken ahead of Deshaun Watson Patrick Mahomes. Roger Bennett is suffering bears fan. He's also the CO host of men in Blazers on the NBC. Sports Network and the men in Blazers podcast by just braced for him to end up with the green. Bay Packers, leading them on a fourth quarter drive two feet, my beloved Chicago Bears, and I can't wait for that movement. They'll probably deserve it. And we're not talking about bears football today. The wait is over the English premier league. The most Popular Sports League in the world is back after a one hundred day hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic Roger I'm sure you've been getting your fix from Bundesliga but I have to imagine the return of English. Soccer is hitting a little different for you. One hundred days feels like one hundred years to be candid. I've been staring at squirrels running up trees in the park, and feeling the adrenaline burst of a run through midfield, watching raindrops charge down my window and feeling just an incredible wing-play into play of missed from the primarily, but yes, it's back today with its global ratings I mean in Britain for much of Europe for much of the rest of the world outside of the United States, it's kind of a seismic as the NFL and the NBA rolled into with the Pantheon of heroes and villains to moments of glorious ecstasy, searing dispath fuse with dodgy haircuts snack tattoos. One hundred days off. When are going to have ninety two games scattered almost daily over the next couple of weeks. It's coming back because we love it because we miss it. It's coming back for. Hard news commercial reasons ultimately to an economic decision. It's going to come back and ghost game situation where it's fabulous. It's going to be different. The lack of an audience will have an impact on the football. We watched, but most importantly it is going to be good enough. It's GonNa. Be Great enough to connect us to a ruling global conversation and that's ultimately I think. Think we will miss about sports as our calling them. Ghost Games I hadn't heard that got left the Germans. They have a name for everything. Lay. They Call Them Guy Bela. And that is what they will be. Sam Darnold knows a thing or two about those back to English premier league, so we hit positive with most of the season done with exception of Liverpool they're. They're still to be decided. The top half of the table. Seven teams vying for five spots determine who will qualify for Champions League and Europa League which for those who don't know are the midseason European tournaments to be held next year. Roger Liverpool have clinched Champions League. Spot Manchester City has of course been banned from Champions League for Breaking Financial Fair play rules so that. That spot remains open despite city being second in the League. Right now. Arsenal wolves Chelsea Menu Lester Tottenham Sheffield all in the mix. What are you expecting to see from the top of the table? When the race for Champions League qualification, which is a bit like football's march madness, it's big tournament in which the best teams in the world. You're rail, Madrid, your boss Alana's. Para Sanjay Man's by Munich's compete all. Big English teams won't be in that for brand reasons for competitive reasons for commercial reasons and is. And completely wide open at the bottom of the table. All say English football has some Incorr- ellegation, which is if you watch game of thrones? It's a bit like the moon door. Teams get flung through that in baseball, the worst teams every year like the Orioles in the mall in which is flung out of the major leagues, the mooted, and in that place. We had the Tulsa drillers around rook. Rook Express and that is, it's a searing. It is a haunting. It is a savage palm of the global football tradition, and you have six teams at the bottom who are fighting to avoid what can be economically devastating their revenue roughly hauls flung out. The Premier League is savage for the fan base. One Minute. You are watching your team. Take to the glamorous fields, Manchester United and Arsenal the next. Round Brentford Luton Barnsley barring a miracle the Jewish using Norwich canaries will disappear, but there's five teams Aston. Villa Bouma th what furred and West Ham amongst them, two of which will go with them for the big story line. Meena is Liverpool Football Club. American owned little football. Club owned by the Boston Red SOx owners, F S J and their yearning. They're dreaming of a return to greatness that was once titletown by when I was a kid growing up in Liverpool. Just six points away from lending the title that they have dreamed of then. That is the great storyline of the season. On that note. This Sunday. The team that you root for I'm sorry. I'm getting a producer this side you support. Everton, we'll be squaring off against Liverpool. They are twenty five points clear off the other teams in the League, and there's possibility they can clinch the title at Goodison Park Against Your beloved Everton on Sunday

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