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Moving on to a different topic that but one we have not discussed. I don't think no over on for over thirty five sunless tanner cousin. That was the tide. The subject of the email. This listener writes to us. I just came to the starting realization that there is a crucial part of skin care. We have not dove into yet. Sunless tanners exclamation point times three. I have more time than usual during the self isolation and since I won't be visiting a beach anytime soon. I'm wiping out the self tanners. For a little pep. I would love to hear some wrecks of easy to use an effective self tanners or an inhouse comparison tests. I've had good luck with tart tanner's but I am trying out I'll of paradise and will report back curious to hear what others are using out there. I'm curious to. I'm curious to because I don't use anything like this I don't either and actually I'm incorrect. I believe the title of this email. Referenced Bronze Irs and so it made me think about like what we may be putting on our sheikhs but that in our face but then I believe they're also talking about like all over Sunless Tanning. Yeah. I think they are now. Has Tanning ever been a thing for you later? Channing have you ever like bought the Juergens on okay back in the day. I mean. We're probably talking like DOTS. I feel like everyone was using that. Jergens sunless tanner. I would use it. I felt like it always looks sort of streaky on me So I I was never a huge sunless. Tanner person how about you. I also went through a phase of putting that jerk stuff all over my body but I have never gotten a spray Tan. I've always wanted to but I just have never gotten around to it. I don't even know where to begin to spray tans in my life one I got in the early to mid odds before a friend and I were going on a trip to Atlantic City when I lived in Philadelphia and I loved the Spray Tan like. I thought it was amazing and I was also like Oh. This is what it would be like to be. Tam like this. This is fun. Didn't get another one for probably ten years or so. And then when I was at buzzfeed someone else was doing in article about spray tans and they got like a spray tanner to the stars to come in and they asked if anyone wanted to get a spray tan and I volunteered and it looked so bad. It looks horrendous. Oh my it was way too dark. Okay I looked. I didn't look like myself like I felt like maybe over the years. I have now romanticize this original spray Tan but I felt like what was great about my original Spray Tan. Back in two thousand and four. Was that it. I still like looked like myself and this was just like what has happened. Look Tan mom remember Tan mom. Oh remember Tan mom. I'm like fully up on Tan. Mom what she doing now. I mean she's like releasing songs and occasionally appearing on the Howard Stern show it good for her? She's still so Tan. I believe she is. Okay but yes. I do remember Tan mom yet so that was my last experience and I was just like what no so. We didn't get a spray Tan. Like for your wedding. No I didn't okay. Okay I mean. I know a lot of people do that but I was just like nervous that it wasn't going to turn out well and then you're like stuck. This is my fear. This is why I have never done it and I. I also like for example. I used to wear the steel. Bronze are as like my blush. Even owned blush. That was just what I use it. I really liked it but now I get confused over the way. Bronze is USED TO CONTOUR Like I feel like I feel like the the way we use. Makeup is evolving. And I'm still in like two thousand and four and so I don't quite have a sense of what I would do with it. Like I did. Watch him Kardashians like basic makeup routine video and then I tried to emulate at home and it looked like I tried to make a three on my face with some bronze and looked very stupid. Like I don't St- I'm still not good at countering although maybe I should take Contra Zoom cloud. We didn't. We discussed that. We were going to learn how to contour during yes. I've watched this video and I was like this was like her own doing contour herself. So I thought I could at least figure it out as opposed to a makeup artist. I couldn't I had no idea what was happening. So there you go so anyway this is. This is a spot where we would love some listener feedback. Yeah we would love to tell us. What are you doing this? For Sunless Tanning are you doing? It is still a thing. What do you like? What don't you like tell us because I would. I am totally game to get a bunch of stuff and try it out for the sake of the pod I just. I'm not sure where to begin. So I'm ready okay. Great I'm ready to experiment okay. Story I think you've gotta read this this so I'm happy to I've been reflecting lately on the act of journaling and I think you two are the perfect people to reflect with me on this. When I was a child I used to try to keep a diary as documentation of my life growing up in the nineties with Nickelodeon. I was inspired by the movie. Harriet the spy and wanted to have the dedication that Michelle Trachtenberg character had with her writings however I was never very disciplined by. Diaries were sporadic. And I judge myself harshly for that in my mid twenties. I hit a rough patch in my life and my other wonderful sister. Hope Gifted me a journal to help me work through anxieties. Something clicked and I stopped writing for posterity or documentation. I started writing to get things out of my head. I stop worrying about continuity I would mention people places or events without preamble for my quote audience in fact I began my journals things that I would never even myself read again often because I assumed it would be too painful to revisit them. Journaling has been a great way for me to clear the junk out of my head now that we are in this unique time in history. And I'm expecting my first child that I should be. Writing for an audience has crept in again. I have the urge to think more of my writings as documentation that will be meaningful to someone else at some point. I'm definitely not a dance. Like no one is watching kind of person and this perspective is stifling. Dory I know you've been dabbling with generally more lately and since we're both writers. I'm so curious to hear what you think of on this question of audience for journaling. Do you write for no one like I prefer or for future you for your children or historians. I would love to hear from other listeners as well. Well well who do you? Who Do you write in your journal? Forgery? I think I write for future me I think I do too. I feel like writing for no one. I I kind of doing that. 'cause I'm not really thinking about the intended reader right but ultimately the intended reader is going to be future. Yeah hopeful and I say that as someone who still has kept journals pretty much through through college inconsistently but I have journals through college And I do enjoy a kate like not all the time but like occasionally I have gone back and looked through the journals and it like it is really wild to look through them and read them like re not just read about your your state of mind but like what you were doing and who you're hanging out with and I don't know I like I just find I find it really interesting but I also you know I like history and I like documents and so does obviously find interesting too. Yeah I you know when. My My parents gave me a journal the Christmas while I was living at home when my mom had pancreatic cancer and so I have a journal that kind of starts about three months before my mom died and it is really because that time in my life is so fraught and I don't remember anything from it. It is actually really moving to go back and read it and it's also very hard and miserable but it is really interesting to just see what my state of mind was during that time and I also have kept journals on and off my whole life. I mean I do think you do have to be prepared for if you are no longer around someone else reading it. You know like that is a reality that could happen.

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