Wisconsin bars packed with patrons almost immediately after court strikes down stay-at-home order


The Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the governor stay at home order on when a ruling is unlawful and unenforceable a lot of bars and restaurants that opened up the same day we're a media Lee pack yeah and most people weren't meant wearing masks doing a social distancing it reporter talked to a few of the owners and customers and got their thoughts after my boys haven't been paid now in two months I had a look out for them and their families and had a look out for my business if people have an issue with social distancing they can stay separate or stay home if people wanna quarantine quarantine if you don't want to quarantine don't quarantine go out do what you normally do I respect your feelings and I respect that they want to stay home they can't but I hope they respect my feelings on I would like to come out and I would like to start getting a kind of me going I guess is that what we've

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