Los Angeles explosion: 11 firefighters hurt as 'hash oil factory' burns


An investigation is under way into a massive explosion and fire late yesterday that sent nearly a dozen Los Angeles firefighters to the hospital KCBS this Peter finch says that happened at a downtown building that produces a cannabis extract forty five years of being a journalist here in Los Angeles I've never seen that many LA city firefighters injured in one incident ever radio dot com reporter Pete Demetriou with K. on acts in the Los Angeles says the safety officer knew something was wrong and yelled at firefighters to get out seconds before the explosion occurred there outer coats caught fire helmets melted none of the firefighters were killed though Dimitri says it was touch and go for a few of the eleven who were injured two of them are still on ventilators additionally they came in a critical condition they were put on ventilators as a precaution because there were some incipient damage to their ways and their long for super heated air four others are in the burn care intensive unit right now suffering from first to third degree burns extremities hands back of their necks backs here's things of

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