News update. I'm Wendy to let


Backs of reopening plans, including in New York City. Phase three begins tomorrow, which was supposed to welcome the return of indoor dining that's no longer going forward. Instead, the city has opened Mohr streets, too. Pedestrian traffic, an outdoor restaurant seating. WCBS TV s Nick column when the city expanded the number of car free corridors 22 Streets day viewing this weekend for pedestrians and outdoor dining across the five boroughs. It's the same for a few streets in the meatpacking district, where diners are enjoying less vehicle traffic. You're safe for those more relaxed is just a pleasurable experience. Definitely. I would love to keep it this way. Roberto Monticello has long been known as the mayor of the meat packing district. He says the city should keep some of the changes in place even after prove it was gone. CBS News update. I'm Wendy to let stay positive Constitution has been completely trampled upon. Stay informed. The good news is we do have records State with US Use

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