Father of 19-year-old killed in CHOP says he got condolence call from President Trump, but not Seattle's mayor


The day he buried his nineteen year old son, who was gunned down in Seattle's lawless chop zone horace Lorenzo Anderson Senior got a phone call from president trump who had been moved by his heart, wrenching appearance the night before on Fox News Channel's Hannity Anderson Son Horse. Lorenzo Anderson Junior was killed in the early hours of June twentieth when shots rang out near the border of the six block. Block zone. The city had been given up for three chaotic weeks in the emotional interview with Sean. Hannity a tearful Anderson said he hadn't been able to get answers from the city about his son's death, and he disclosed that he hadn't even been contacted by mayor. Jenny Durken but the mayor a Democrat did reach out to Anderson later. Wednesday in call from trump followed after that the only way. Way I found out was just two of his friends, just two friends that just happened to be there. They came and told me he said they weren't even from Seattle. Now mind you I haven't heard from the police department. They never came compounding. The father's grief were reports that first responders who came to the shop zone to transport the shooting victims to the hospital encountered an angry mob that. That denied them entry. The pair were taken to harborview medical center by self-described trump medics and Anderson. Son was pronounced dead on arrival. My son needed help I don't feel like they helped my son. Anderson said I feel like he doesn't without this. He would just be nobody he's just doesn't matter. He's just another guy. Just another child just swept under the rug, and that's IT and forgotten about.

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