LOST: Down the Hatch | Season 2 Finale: Live Together, Die Alone


Die Alone Might Bouma Gad? My goodness of butto. It's all here. It's happening. It's an eighth in the books. It's happening. We're welcoming in a big fan, favorite character, and as we are want to say here in exultation, right? But little resigned. That are good friends. Shrek meant here as Desmond Hume is here and he is going to join. He's GonNa. Live together with them. Nobody really dies alone and this episode, even though the title indicates it but. Wow season two finale it been. Up and down season it's been up and down time in the World Josh. I'm have so many mixed emotions as to actually finishing off season, too. Because, this really does feel like the end of an era in lost in a big way for sure I mean I. Still I still Byu lost as two books. There's there's book one which is seasons one through three and book to which is four through six, so we still have a little bit more meat on the bone before finished with book one. Act One as far as I. See it, but it's a huge milestone. It's even a mile from. That we are that we're here through through the end of season two. It really does feel like it's just yesterday that we started doing this. Although as we're recording this July second as we recording this podcast, which means. Twelve. Months that. We have been doing down the hatch. Full Year, but we've gotten an August through July cycle at this point. Yeah, we're. We're invert infringing on. We're knocking at the door right now. Of that one year premier date, and hopefully lock will lettuce in this time, and we're not going to have to blow our way in, but that is even crazy to consider that you know we're only through two seasons of loss, but that being said these are two I think the to. In terms of episode, number and episode lane, so it's almost like. The thickest portions, and even though like you said the first book of loss is not completely done. This episode does serve as a bit of a pivot in a number of ways, including the the deconstruction of Tischler, hatch moving into the other set up into season three, and owes so much happening, including just another game changer, and really just bringing in a complete wildcard character and filling in on nearly his entire backstory before they then weird him up to all capacities starting next season. This is a gutsy finale. That is that is the first thing I want to say about the finale this? It's a ballsy finale. It's a finale that that dares to to to reconcile the hatch. It's finale dares to reconcile the Michael and Walt Story Line A. Finale that dares to to further out the others and demystify them a little bit of begin that process because that's going to be a big piece of the next season. It's going to be finale in which we find out how. At one five crashed how the plane crash came about, and it's a finality that is going to be hinged upon the shoulders of a character we've met before, but only in very limited capacity up to this point, and really trusting that the audience would remember this character from very early on in season two in like any kind of real detail, so that the moment win that we've listened in on at the start of this podcast where Jack and and Sawyer find him on the boat is like unimportant reveals like Oh it's the hatch guy. And then it's about turning hats guy into somebody who's more than just crazy drunk catch guy. How do you turn that guy into human being so it's a lot of things. There's going to be a purple sky incident. We're going to introduce the I real possibility of a hope of rescue independent ending. This is A. It's a gutsy finale. Because there's so much going on that bordering on the ring on too much going on maybe to to make the whole meal, make sense and I think you and I have have parse this out back and forth that that you and I think are in lockstep that season two finale is for us of the six hours. The bottom ranked finale. Yeah, and I still think that were damning with faint praise. I don't know if that's exactly what we're doing here, but like it's it's. It's still season finale of loss, which means it's an excellent episode of the show. But I think it is an episode that is for Lard in some some ways that are meaningful and some ways that I think are understandable, but in some ways that the more and more I revisit this episode I don't think I can ignore. I love this episode I have great sense memory of watching this episode for the first time and seeing the sky go Kabui, and all of that and just sort of in thunderstruck. Aw about it, but this is an episode actually that when I stopped down and think about it and chew on it a little bit more after the watching experience I. Think leaves me with a drier taste in my mouth, and even the the final final episode of lost. Because you're, you're eating food. That's thirty years old Josh from that Pinch. There's potentially a dry taste, but yeah, I think i. mean going speaking on sense memory UH, speaking towards. Towards, you know our respective experiences watching the finale I? Do Remember with live together die alone probably more than any other finale. It was very much like the mill house Manhattan Oven. How in fireworks factory experience for me of being like okay. Let's just see what happens when the button doesn't get pushed. Okay, let's just get to the fairy. See what happens with the others there were. There are these two big moments really cap off the episode, though surprisingly I did not remember that they do not actually cap off the episode. We'll talk about the weirdness in the choice of the last two scenes in the episode over the conclusion. Conclusion of those story lines, but that's a conversation for a couple of hours down the line, but I do remember watching this finale in particular, because those were two points to goalposts that I personally wanted to get to it I think that's also a symbolism of again sort of the shift in some loss, Fan's perspective starting when season two of plot above character of let's get these mystery salt. What happens if you don't press the button? What do the others want with Jack and Kate and Sawyer and Hurley that? It almost makes you what to blow past all the other stuff. That's going on, so it was nice to rewatch this. This under the context of much like we're watching the show right now, really enjoying the journey over the destination, even though you and I are both satisfied with the ultimate destination of. Let's pick apart the steps that we take to get there. That being said the only other finale. We can really compare this to at the moment is exodus and I personally feel that while exodus, really I feel like every scene has some sort of meaning to it whether it's a plot, meaning or a character, meeting or emotional meeting thematic meaning. This finale feels like this is the first finale gets out of the two. I personally felt the time. Where you could sort of see scenes that were like okay. We're spending a lot of time in the jungle. Okay, we're going back to the sailboat. A lot and I do feel like it tried to negotiate what it did in exodus of trying to juggle all these story lines at once and really. Demonstrate. How great the ensemble cast is, and it is a risky play, and I would say it has more successes than failures overall, but that being said more failures than exodus to cop your statements. I agree that I think there's a lot of really great stuff in here, but I do think there are some foibles spoiler alert. It's not a four point two episode in my opinion, and we'll certainly point some of those out as well as some of the really great stuff that decides to bring in here at the eleventh hour of season two all right now that everybody's sufficiently triggered. Everyone's like it's not a four point. Well, let's let's see. Let's dig in and let's find out I will say and I think that this important to stay off the bat that there is some behind the scenes components that are worth meditating

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