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Best Of: Jeff Passan On Return Of MLB - burst 07


White alerted me to it's from John Oliver and Bristol. If you can get that ready. I don't know if you saw this to God's because Dana White Volunteer. Hey I like John Oliver. I think he's funny but John. Oliver's got it wrong in terms of some selective fact hunting that he's doing in that we tested the UFC tested eleven hundred people and only three tested positive over three events. But the thing that John Oliver says here and it's more of a visual joke than it is in this audio. An audio joke is. He can't believe the Dana White is calling this island fight island as opposed to calling it U. F. S. E. U. F. C. as in the C- so let's let's hear that sound from John Oliver being critical of the fact that the Pfizer back and the UFC just last week started hosting matches in Jacksonville and while they couldn't fly in International Fox's for that events that President Dana White has devised an insane. Work Around. Fighting Island is real

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