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Alice Vincent: Rootbound



Really nice to have you back on the show. You a very early guest as I remember talking about balcony gardening. That was a long time ago. Now it's going to be two years ago but you back on the show to talk about a couple of things but the thing I wanted to talk you out. I is your lovely new book. Rebound rebuilding a life. Which is a super cover half to say props on the cover because it's very lush and leafy and this I think is caught the imagination of lots of people who given the current inserts pandemic cliche phrase here the current situation that we're in the unprecedented situation as caught people's imagination. Just tell me a little bit about the books about and how it all came about well. It certainly wasn't written with a pandemic in well. Nobody wants to log book right now. I guess called select back you know I think if the Incessantly of all the losses of the pandemic book being released in it is definitely not on that list. It came as kind of it wasn't like I wake up one day like I'm going to write a memoir. I in for the UNINITIATED. The book deals with a number of things but it essentially examines how humans go to ground times of traumatic events and Tabula NSS and I examined kind of Autho generations that have kind of discovered plants for themselves in the ways in which they do alongside this narrative of a year of my life my late twenties when the Paul. If I thought my life was taking Off The tracks and kind of turned to dust I guess and when During which discovered gardening as a means of coping really kind as a writer. I started to write about Shit. You knew six eight months a year off to the fats and eventually it kind of appeared that match she. Maybe it could be a book. `and plants for me have always been the the bronx that make themselves interesting to me. The ones that have stories not how I learn. Prompt names blunt facts. Whatever tiny amount booking got from learning the the origins stories of APLOMB and so into we've these narratives of plant stories with of my iron on. It's all about I. Guess the relative therapy. That gardening brightened. Things gave me at time when else much did really now. You are a classified as of menu. I'm not a millennial laughing comparably about the old than you tell me about being a millennial implants because a lot of cliches out there on the interwebs about individuals in their house plums but very positive that generation. How does that kind of Cliche make you feel? And is there a way to bypass that to get to the natural number of truth? About how millennials are interacting with Lance. Such a good question so I've had quite lots of people generously talk to me. About rebound they think. The whole thing about houseplants and I think that might be because of the cover. It's very kind of botanical Indoorsy plenty cover of it but it's not about hospital is about the need for the outdoors in it's about this constant searching the outdoors in nevertheless acknowledges the same many people my age Discovering houseplants was a kind of gateway to gardening widely. And there's nothing wrong with brilliant and I think I think to answer your question about how this cliches help make me feel. I mean I think it's such limited understanding. I definitely think there is a grain of truth. It's a trend and I'm sure as you investigated on your brilliant podcasts. It's a trend that For Lots of reasons is very established on brings a lot of people joy but it's also representative of a wider need to engage with the soil with the ground with growing things with Nietzsche. Because my argument that kind of making the book is the those born after nineteen eighty in grew up in subsequent years. We were the first generation to grow up with the Internet with first generation to grow up to to grow without the the lost generation throughout without the Internet's on my childhood which was one of being outside. It was also very much one of being. Sit Down this is Microsoft Windows Ninety Five. This is your game boy. This is Yoda smartphone. This is Messenger. We learnt launched using really really quickly relearned to cultivate a reliance upon instant gratification. Is it any wonder that we get to adulthood in with desperate to slow down and gardening offers the opportunity to so I think that's very interesting point? I mean I think your your windows. Ninety five was probably my Zanex eighty-one loading games on a tape player. Probably like the only person in. He's he's listening to this inexperience. Remember that experience. But

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