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It comes to life and entertainment and so when you told me that the number one trending movie on Netflix which is


You know I watched episode nine of the last dance I could use a comedy right now before I go into ten let's check this out and I'll tell you within the first five minutes of the movie I knew I wasn't going to hate it because it has that lady and it the lady who plays the wrong missing Lauren Lauren lapkus X. or whatever name is lab yes she she's in season one and I think two of crashing which is a great show starring Pete Holmes and I find her unique and incredibly funny she is something else in this movie she was also in orange is the new black and in my opinion she makes this movie without without her this movie is it funny at all no she is the centerpiece of the movie and the centerpiece of the of the funny right everything that's funny is either her or stems from her I will tell you there's something about Djam raunchy comedy that just works for me and it and it's a lost art what's the last dom raunchy comedy something about Mary I mean it's got to be more reason that obviously because you know I'm into movies that you don't like like step brothers and stuff like that the hang over things of that nature but I don't know even more recently what it was the last new comedy that was that was really funny right like dirty comedy with dirty humor that is also very funny

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