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How to Correct Misinformation, According to Science.



Maddie Safai here today with your way. Shah a reporter from invisibility. Npr's sister pod about human behavior Heo way. Hey mattie what do you got okay so you know how wanted the big problems right now? Seems to be like all the misinformation flying around some public health officials are calling an info dimmer journalists find themselves debunking wild claim of false tweets. Right and it's like especially tricky right now because there's so much we don't know yet yet. Which makes it easier for misinformation to flourish. Unfortunately and I've been thinking about one particular drama and all this like what do you do when it's somebody you love. Who's spreading the misinformation? Right Right which is why I was so excited to come across this guy. In London named Kush not cut and his misinformation problem. It starts back in March in the form of a WHATSAPP message from his dad. Who Lives back in Kenya? Natural Remedy for coronavirus like boiling lemons and orange and black pepper. For some reason. It was just really odd and cush. He just ignores the message. Brushes it off but a few days later. His Dad sends another message about a false coronavirus remedy. In this time Kush decides to say something on the phone when they're catching up like this is nonsense at nyu saying this crap. Okay fine. I'll stop. That was easy. Well not so fast because a few days later the very same cycle happens again. Can you just stop forty me this crap? You'd be like Yep I just thought you'd find it interesting over and over. Rinse and repeat dot. There's no source. I us any three. This know he's come on Dodd. Seriously okay cool.

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