Lori Loughlin to Plead Guilty in College Admissions Scandal

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Laurie Law Clinton and her husband Massimo. They finally admitted they are guilty. In the college admissions scandal they reached a plea deal which significantly reduces their sentence. I was shocked when I saw this headlines. Were you guys? Surprised at all honestly. I'm just so relieved that this has happened. And that we finally have some closure on this debacle because it is been going on for feels like four adver and I also. I was very surprised. I didn't think that they were going to have such low sentences but ultimately I just don't care. I'm just happy that it's done. They're going to serve their time. They're going to pay their fine and we can just move on from this. We'll see in. Moore's ZANU extensive experience with studying to law subjects in College. Back in two thousand six. It wasn't looking good for these guys. I think this plea is the best case scenario for them now. The varney plead guilty to one of the counts each so the whole entire bundle but I think it is what Morgan said. It's the best thing for everybody in the especially the kids I mean. Did we see those fight is once again to remember the rowing fight? Don't remind us of the photos. They are a crime from seeing those photos. What's crazy to me is that there have been people who have had similar if not less offensive offenses. And there's I remember. There is a mom who received a five year sentence for falsifying her son's address so he can get into a better school district and she got five years locked up for that and these two. They're going to be doing a couple of months and they're gonNA have maybe two hundred hours of community service and You know luckily for them. They're not doing the forty or sixty years whatever originally was supposed to be But yeah very interesting to see that they actually said we're guilty doesn't surprise me at old. We have a bit of a flawed system. I feel like in this instance with them. I do think that bit and everything has sort of affected things and by the way. I think that it's Laurie. Serving two months in Montana supposed to survive. I don't think either of them are going to serve their sentences to full-term there's no way there's there's a possibility that they could get house arrest because of the Kovin situation. There's a possibility they won't actually do the time in jail. I don't know but the question is will. Laurie repair her image. I feel like all she's got to do is go on dancing with the stars and everyone's just going to forget about all of this because that is celebrity image. Rehab Redemption story works really well when someone has done something bad and committed a crime and then they lock all of a sudden. It's going to be great. Pr TO IN. A COUPLE OF YEARS DOWN THE TRACK. Bring them back up again. Audit will that to happen. It can't happen like that. I completely disagree with that. This is all this business on in its image. It's always about how you can. People are forgiving and I think that Lori is dead than going to be forgiven by the public. I think people again are so over this or this to be a two month sentence after all of the HOOPLA and all of the research we've done over what Aaron said sixty fifty one hundred years that they were gonNA spend vibrators. She's GonNa do one episode of dancing with the stars like Aaron said and she's going to do one lifetime movie and then I'm going to see her shouldn't say hi and everyone's GonNa keep it big put on walk. That's how it works. Welcome to the world of white privilege. Hollywood

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