Kevin Durant And Gary Ray discussed on The Yeisley Financial Hour


Kevin Durant their mom's stories more mothers stories continue our celebration of mother's day here on our American story have you ever hired somebody to complete a job and they just entirely drops the ball well you don't need to worry about that with Gary ray bye he's a sponsor of our American stories and the presidents of ray buying group a concrete and asphalt paving company the promises nothing short of world class work we have to strive for world class a friend of mine saw that we're paid me a job Hey and you pull then inside our team members and one guy said to him and yet some asphalt on the curb over there you got to sweep that up and I guess that's just a few pebbles come on I goes look at that is that world class if we think we're okay with that we're not world class so again my body's occur I can't believe I heard as I can't live I happen to go up on your job I hear guys saying that's right so we have a lot of fun building a great culture of people that care people are accountable passionate that are continually trying to improve have you.

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