Zion Williamson Leaving NBA Bubble For Urgent Family Matter



We begin today with news that Zion. Williamson has left the NBA bubble. Bubble in Orlando to attend an urgent family medical matter. The New Orleans Pelicans Zion intends to rejoin the team at an unspecified later date. We'll bond your thoughts on Zion leaving and what this could mean in the bigger picture, well Tony Me. The first thing is I hope this urgent family. Medical matter turns in becomes not urgent, and whoever this is, and whatever it is is improved better. So, that's the first thought and my second thought is. This is what people as they get older as they move from Zion's twenty today in their twenties, and thirties and forties is what we do it all the time. This is what deal with and players and coaches, and this is what your life becomes as you get older sadly, but necessarily the difference of course is this pandemic? The difference you you you normally you leave, and these guys have enough wherewithal to fry fly privately. If they want and most times they do and they they come back. Back and they juggle their tension between what is going on with their family member and ball, and they still have to do that, but now it's only you have protocol that you have to answer to, and you could be gone anywhere from say four days to fourteen days depending on things like if you're tested every day while you're gone, so we. We don't know and let's face it. There's twenty two teams in the bubble and not sixteen largely because Zion is one of those six extra teams in the NBA wanted to see him in the postseason. No question about that there's there's no reason on earth for the Washington. Wizards and the Sacramento Kings and whole bunch of these teams to be in this round, Robin and playoff to get into the playoffs in his created right because Zion, Williamson, second only in my opinion to Bron James as a television draw, and they WANNA. See Him in the playoffs. I Echo your statements that we hope that this isn't something traumatic for the family that should go without saying but testing the. The protocol by understanding correctly is you need to test on your own every day? In order that? When you come back, you can spend only four days out instead of fourteen. That's asking a lot of anyone when they've left the bubble to be able to do that to me. The larger question is, do you make exceptions know and to me for people like Zion and Lebron James who try to make an exception, but where where there is contagion, you can't do of course. By the Way Zion has team. Okay, and his team can help in that regard. They may have to send somebody WHO's in charge of testing. They want him air. No, there's no exception is the is the is the virus make an exception? Is the virus go? Lebron is gone, then look a little bit too big and strong for. Let me let me go over here. No, they're not doing that, so there's no exceptions, but you hope one that that this urgent matter becomes less urgent, and to that Zairean could get back quickly. Administer this I mean. The the Pelicans come on David. Griffin is not some dope going to do what they can as a franchise who support him and make sure he has what he needs to transition back to the bubble.

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