ShanenLi - Someone to Practice With Elie Dordek


My name is Ellie Elijah door deck. And born and raised in Chicago. And though I thought I would go to MIT and being engineer. I decided to dedicate my life to education. And for the past thirty plus years have been Educator Administrator in a textbook author. My books are used by thousands of students every day. Where I used a special technique to present text, which mimics how you would say the text like a song. And this approach has been very successful. and Um, my love of technology never left me. So now in the C O of Shannon Lee which is a start up. In Jerusalem. where, we seek to leverage speech recognition. To make educational content. Interactive. Interesting tell us a bit more about Shannon Lee than that. What does it do exactly WHO's full? What kind of students and what problem is specifically looking to solve with the APP? Yes of course. So. As I said, Shanley was established through. Our educational approach to make text as close to a viable living experience as could be right now. Much educational content is I would say dumb. And Deaf Noord that doesn't speak although this is changing. Amazing. Companies like Trinity. They're making plug ins to make much content. Audio and you can hear it. But We're looking to do it. More of a line by line approach to go into the text in make an interactive that the student can listen to the text line by line and get familiarity. In order to help gain fluency in reading. And improve memory because their memories, not just but also audio. It's the most natural way for us to communicate. To listen. The users could be. Regular kids that are already learning to read. Or even we have successful use cases with a special ED students. That, use the format to listen to the text in practice the second part. Of It is. Tested by the APP. As I said. Much of the content doesn't. Isn't it responsive? We just look at it or we asked the students to click on something or to. Drag a picture to something else, but to ask them to speak the answer to repeat. What should be said the text involved. That has not been applied so much to this area, so we WANNA make. looney experience more exciting, more alive. I really like to. Address something that as a teacher I feel sort of guilty that. In the past, the favorite student of the teacher teacher's pet would be the one that would sit quietly in have beautiful handwriting. Why was that? Because the teacher, they were the easiest student to manage and they. Gave over their answers. Their assignments with beautiful handwriting is easy to mark, so it was easy for the teacher. As time went on and computers entered the classroom. We said Oh well. We need a tea media stew that knows how to work the computer new the tech so sometimes. The geeky kid who might have been a little bit more louder and that's a well behaved with bad handwriting. He became the favourite in the former favourite student had to go. Get help as to have a use the computer. And? we we we seek, to. We seek to engage the students in ways which are comfortable for us as teachers. and it's very important to have individualized approaches for our education. In I feel it using speech. As I, said something so natural. It's the most natural way of us to relate to information as we learn two languages. We were young and to hear it in our minds and This can be then. Away that? The student can find his own voice and speak and be listen to. more exactly. Shannon Lee listens to and gives back in May immediate. real-time feedback to the answers given by the the user as to how well they were able to read the text, or if the text is not on the screen, they were to memorize the text.

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