How Raccoon Outwitted Fox


How raccoon outwitted fax. raccoons set up in a tree near the lake where bear had lost his tail. Raccoon had seen Fox play his sneaky trick unbear- and he did not like it. It's very well known that Fox. And Raccoon played many tricks on each other. Foxes getting a big head, said raccoon. This must not be. His head must be made. Smaller some of that craftiness must be taken out of him. He's getting to. To Foxy! He thinks he has the cunning of all the animals and that no one can outwit him. I think it's time that someone plays a trick on him. Not many days later raccoon saw Fox coming down the trail. Raccoon was eating some juicy yellow apples that he found on a Trina far away. As soon as he saw Fox, he ran a tree and he began to smack his lips. Just at Fox had done before to bear with fish. delicious apples. What tastes so good? Asked Fox. Raccoon responded by throwing a fresh juicy apple right down to Fox. Fox looked at the apple and took a bite out of it. Delicious, sweet juicy, said Fox when he finished the last mouthful. Where did you get it? Raccoon told Fox how to find the apple tree. He must follow the trail along the river down the pine bluff that he must climb the bluff and run towards the setting sun until he came to an open field. In the center of that field stood a great apple tree. And it was filled with juic- yellow apples, but raccoon. You can climb the tree and pick your own apples. How can I get them off? The branches complained Fox. Oh, that's easy. Said Raccoon. Just back off to bow shots from the tree. And then lower your head like this. Run hard and but the tree with your head. You have such a big head. It will shake the tree so hard that all of the apples will follow at once. Do as I. Tell You and you will have all the apples you want. For a long time. Fox thanked raccoon and started at once he followed the directions exactly, and then he saw way ahead the apple tree. He was just getting ready to run when he got interrupted. Gang as It was the gold finches that he had helped before. Apparently, they still like to thank him all the time. The gold finches called all their other bird friends over, and told them to watch Fox as he was getting ready to take down the giant apple tree. Thank you little gold finches, but I don't have time for your now. I'm going to shake this. Apple Tree. Already in his mind, he began to see the apples falling like pine needles and feel the earth shake under his feet. Fox did just as raccoon told him one aero flight. He backed off, and then another, and then he closed his eyes, lowered his head, and ran swiftly over the thick grass, faster and faster, his four paws came as he kicked up dust and gravel and small stones. The tree grew larger and larger as he came up to it. He struck the tree as hard as he ever could with his great big huge head. And then. Thought. No apple spell. But a dizzy and dazed, foolish looking Fox collapsed to the ground. Different birds started laughing. Ha Said Sparrow. Said, Blue Jay Said Cardinal. Tax said the ducks. Said Eagle. He lay there until the next morning. And as the Sun rose ashamed, faced Fox was seen running towards the woods beyond the pine bluff. He carried his head low. He seemed to be playing. No more foxy tricks. And also his head seemed much. Much smaller.

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