Nick Cannon out at Viacom, keeps deal with Fox


I'm Kim, masters and this is the Hollywood breakdown joining me as my usual banter buddy on the business, Matt Bellamy and Matt this is very unfortunate situation that has developed There's a sort of a back and forth in the black media world, their business antisemitic incidents most recently I think is nick. Cannon was on a podcast, endorsed some clearly antisemitic views about Jews controlling the media, and whatever the these are old tropes. I have to say to her credit. jemele hill weighed in saying this kind of talk is unacceptable as did Kareem abdul-jabbar and a column in the Hollywood reporter, but this nick cannon incident he led to him, being fired by Viacom CBS a, he initially clapped back, and said you know. The CBS was treating him unfairly, and then seemed to have major change of heart and apologized and said he was gonNA learn, and he was sorry for the hurt he had inflicted, but. What's interesting to me? Is that while he fired? He had this show on vh. One called wild and out and other things going on CBS. He also is the host of the mass singer on Fox and you know. How surprised are you that Fox said that apology is completely acceptable. We're hanging with you on the mass singer. Yeah, I mean this really does point to an interesting dichotomy that's emerging especially when you look at a lot of the heightened sensitivity around these issues of hate, speech and inappropriate comments that have really come about over the past six to eight months. Fox seems to be an outlier here and a lot of people have put it in monthly. Yes, a lot of people have pointed to Fox News, which obviously is the home of many incendiary comments? Tucker Carlson was recently forced to go on one of those quote, unquote preplanned Fox News vacations when it was revealed that his lead writer was revealed to be posting anonymously on racist and homophobic and sexist websites. This is always been you know. The Fox News is separate from Fox Broadcasting Corporation which is run out of La. It's all owned by the Murdoch's, but Fox's always positioned itself as we have the LA operation. And then we have this Fox News thing, but here you have. Have a very specific incident on a Fox show with the host of not just a Fox show the most popular show on Fox and the Murdoch seemed to be okay with it. It sends a message that this isn't just Fox News separate from the La Company. This is all one company in the Murdoch's seemed to be endorsing a very tolerant. Shall we say view of this kind of speech? Yeah, the MURDOCHS ARE GONNA Murdoch. You know they they run the company. It's theirs and. Walk is possibly even more conservative than his father Rupert I'm not saying that a person can't apologize. Learn but I think when you make comments like this that nick cannon made. You. You don't just return with no without missing a beat. It's like okay, thanks. That's great. That just feels to me like it needs a little bit more of a pause. And why don't you go away for a little while and seek the truth and come back when you you feel that you know there's been a an interval I. Don't know if you reversed the situation and he were white host. Making these kinds of comments about say black people. That host would still have a job. That's an interesting question I. Don't know, but what is also interesting is just the state of the. The Fox company now because until last year Fox owned a movie Studio Television Studio a lot of businesses that have traditionally more liberal and more creative types in them. Now they've gotten rid of all that stuff to Disney and the Fox company is Basically Fox, news sports and the Fox Broadcasting Company, and it really has allowed them to be insulated from what's going on in the rest of media, which has been very attuned to these issues and very intolerant of this kind of hate speech. Fox's now kind of sewing its own path. Yes, now it's a little more obvious. Thank you, Matt! Belen former editorial director of the Hollywood. Reporter joins me this Monday at one thirty on the business. I'm Kim Masters, and this is the Hollywood

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