Samsung Outdoor TV with Amazon Alexa

Voice in Canada


You have been wondering if you can have a smart tv that you can control by voice with Lexi but here's the catch outside then. You may be very interested in what I have to tell you. There is a new TV. That is coming out by Samsung. Actually Samsung Canada. They have unveiled the TV called. The Terrace. It's a four K. Q. led TV. They're not cheap but they are built to allow them to be quite rugged and to have some water resistance and dust resistance and so they are designed to be outside. And what's interesting is. They are compatible with multiple voice system. So it includes of course bixby also Google assistant but also Amazon Lexi. So if this is something that would interest you you might want to check it out. They're not cheap. I'll tell you that much These are going to be going on sale. June twenty twenty and these are the prices. The fifty five inch is five thousand dollars. The sixty five inch is seven thousand dollars and the seventy five inch is nine thousand dollars. So that's the story if you want it. It's there starting in June all right and let's do a quick shout out to one of the most recent people that left a review for the flash briefing and this one is by somebody goes by the name of Book Lover and this is a great reviews of thank you so much for this review book. Clever gave it five stars and wrote great content. Highly informative voice candidates a great effort by Dr Terry Fisher. I listened to his flash briefing most mornings and learn something new each time from Amazon technology example fire TV and LEXI devices APPs try with Lexi and commands for Lexi. It's wonderful Dr Fisher. Being a physician also provides medical information that Lexi can also assist us with Dr Fisher has a great knowledge of the lexi devices. And what is up and coming both new lexi world as well as what is coming to Canada. A highly recommend that anyone with a lexi device also tap into voice in Canada for his daily briefings to become better educated. In what this powerful tool can do for us in our everyday. Lives a big. Thank you to a busy gentleman. Who obviously has a passion for technology and science? Thanks Dr Fisher. Wow thank you so much a booklet. I wish I knew your real name. That obviously took some time to write and I really appreciate that. What can I say. It's just so wonderful to hear those types of types of things and I'm glad that you are finding it valuable so thank you very much

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