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Khloe Kardashian's New Face and Photoshop Fail


We've got to start off with Khloe Kardashians new face okay. What is the deal is that just could make up or is that a new face? I think it's a little bit of everything. Okay and she would be lying if she said she didn't have any plastic surgery at the very minimum. She had some kind of rhino plastic nose job. My guess is the okay. I and the most obvious if you go and look back at that photo that sparked intense debate. Half of her necklace is missing. So it's clearly photoshop. I did notice that. That's you go look look at the go back when you're done listening to the podcast. Look at the photo half of her necklaces. Gone that's clearly that it's photoshop so or filter or both academic just GonNa go with the whole works. Okay I'm GonNa say she's got a filter and then on top of the on top of the filter. She's photo shopped. It okay face to. I don't know exactly the tricks of trade but a lot so then that plus the nose job plus a ton of makeup and contouring and I'm not saying for sure I don't clearly know but it appears to me that she also shaved down her chin which is painful And this is not an insult. Okay I'm not saying this to insult her. It's a very common procedure. That's called Facial feminization surgery that Trans people have when they transition from male to female and some women have it as well. They just shaved down their chin. So I'm I'm saying all of that. She shaved down her chin shaved her nose all and I forgot also and is using fillers. 'cause fillers also can totally change the shape of of your face so Nose Job Chin Job. Fillers face tune makeup contouring all of it and she looks great. I mean she may not look cheap. Doesn't look like real life. Well she doesn't look like anything. That's in that picture I want to see. Video hurts seven eleven. I WANNA see her out in the wild a gen pop. Somebody takes a picture of her. That is all completely. That's almost like a drawing. I know what she looks like. She doesn't look so that's going on there. It's all of that. I mean it takes a lot of effort to look like that too. That's the thing like that's also fully made up and it may take a lot of effort to make that picture. She could look like you underneath of all of the photo shopping. That's happening. There's just a lot going on in that picture. Its way too glossy to be a real picture well. I do see similarities between chloe and may visually physically. What's funny too is going to look at the comments underneath that photo. Everybody that knows her is just raving about how gorgeous. She looks how great she looks. And then when you get underneath the verified communists and its average people commenting. They're like who is this. Like what what did you do with Khloe? When I saw the picture for the first time I was. It's like one of those News stories. They show somebody's face. My initial reaction was. I don't know who that is and I kept

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