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Welcome Kathryn thanks for being here. Thanks for having me curry now. You went to Harvard and you worked in the Hedge Fund world for quite a long time. How and why did you get into technology? And do you think your prior education and background helped you in this space so I left the finance world after about a decade because I always wanted to do something entrepreneurial and I started poking around the boy space at the end of two thousand eighteen so I had an echo set up in my kitchen. Which course I loved you and you know I was kind of an outsider. I was just sort of following. Various Voice Industry folks on twitter beating voiced by listening to podcasts including this one which is one reason it's really exciting to be here as a guest and the more. I learned about the voice space the more I just fell in love with just the whole concept is voice as a key interface for technology. It just really kind of feels inevitable. That one day talking to our technology will be one of or maybe Z. Main way of interacting with it. I think it already is one of the main way of interacting that and you hear a lot of people in the voice bay sort say something like that you. Kinda like catch the buck in a way and I was also seeing a lot of the big you know smart tech companies like on Google facebook even apple and others jockeying in the space and you know making big investments and of course the adoption numbers and the adoption curve. Were very impressive. So adding that all up I I kinda thought to myself okay. A rising tide lifts all boats. And I want my to be an industry like voice where I think the tide is going to rise and so I also felt like it was kind of early enough that I could actually add something new to the voice ecosystem that have already done in. That could truly kind of add real value. And so that's really kind of how I made this of surprising. Unexpected kind of job from the Hedge Fund world into the voice space while I love that in bank you for having been a listener of the show as we were talking about earlier. You know we hear People's names we see people's content and it's so wonderful to actually connect in a conversation and a lot of people coming into voice. Do not have a check background and so I always find that incredibly fascinating and voice. Technology has been around for a while now and it's seen adoption but really not in a massive way just yet in my opinion and as a recording this in April of twenty twenty during the time of the cove nineteen pandemic. We're now seeing voice. Actually being used to help healthcare systems. And we're going to continue to see voice be used in the long term due to the current situation. What long-term cases do you see coming up based on this current situation? So that's a great question. Carrie and of course a very timely question as well so in the wake of the pandemic. I think you're going to see a major uptick in the adoption of touch less technology and I think that the adoption of voice Outside of the home in more public spaces will be a big part of the so just a quick anecdote. I have a friend who works for a Big New York City offer and they just moved into this big fancy new office face. That's supposedly Super High Tech. And he told me the other day that everything is opened fingerprint. So the turnstiles that you into the elevator. Bank the doors to get into office. You know once you get to the right slower. The conference rooms everything and all of that is of course going to be redone. Because what crazy person in Manhattan is going to want to put their finger down on something. That's been touched by thousands of people over the course of the last day or two hours. Nobody so I think that's soon in these types of opposite settings. I think you're going to start. Seeing things. Like voice activated elevators voice authentication from companies like him. Drop to get into your office space. I think that's exciting. I think that's interesting and it's such a sort of perfect use case for boys and I'm just going back to the original premise of your question. Which was what you use. Cases for Voice. Tech- will we see as a result of this sort of collective experience that we're dealing with with the corona virus? I think there's another of course that's a great why now but I think there's another why now which is also important and that's smart speakers and voice assistance like Alexa Google Assistant Siri. They've now been around for a while now and a lot of people thirty using their voice assistance but even for people who don't have voice assistance or who don't want to use them for whatever reason the talking to technology of using voice assistant. It's not a foreign concept so voice tech- it's now been featured in years of Super Bowl commercials. Everybody's probably got at least a friend or a distant cousin with a smart speaker at home and I think that what this means is that maybe introducing a voice activated elevator. Ten years ago would have been very confusing today. I actually think that the introduction of that would be fairly seamless for people to say elevator. Take me to the ninth floor when they call for the elevator from lobby so this is something that I think. It will be very interesting to keep our eyes are. I think there's some really good examples anyway. We can make things a little bit more efficient and also decrease the spread of germs. Of course something everybody would love now. Your Company and blog brew has quite a following. Can you share with us? What voice grew is and how many subscribers you have to your blog at this time absolutely so voice brew is be newsletter for Alexa enthusiasts and is simple to help people get more out of Alexa. I launched voice brew a little over a year ago and it's scaled to over forty five thousand Alexa enthusiast email subscribers since then we also published comprehensive guides on voice dot com on different features in use cases. So things like routine setting up smart lights with Alexa settings that you wanNA update and we also have a companion flash reaping for the news while congratulations to you that forty five thousand is nothing to blink. An eye AD. That's pretty amazing. Are you able to share those kind of how you were able to grow that following so quickly and it's such a large scale? Yeah I mean there. I have tried you know so many different things and what I am. The most proud of excited for for the future.

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