Virus Strands Norway Racer in Alaska After Iditarod Win


I was stuck now I took Thomas von at ten days to win a sled dog race in Alaska but it's taken a much much longer to get him in fact he in his sixteen dogs is still trapped in the state nine weeks on I'm able to fly home because of the crane of virus long time but it could be saved thank as to an old classic plain and let's speak now to Thomas art festival at tell us about this unusual plan that seems to have transpired Thomas that may get you in your dog's home well I got this message sent by messenger and said they're canceling deals are you playing home and I'm going to start looking into it than that and it was just plain sitting here in Fairfax thank you that was going to go back to Norway to the museum but actually cancel the deals I have been working hard to get the deal going on and now it looks got next week off line since his old classic playing that just so happens to to there's a plan to get it to a museum in no way and you might be able to hitch a lift so to speak yes that's right it's actually one of the world's first week's mainline stunt that broken safe that was one of the first lines in all right actually had four passes bang so it's going to also be a live story traveled because this will be you know our profile plane going back you know crossing over again and it sucks many many years ago are you in your jokes I'm sure get first class seats you might well be the any passengers I take it always going to be a little loud I think I'm a little learning a little bit cold you know it's not easy and it's it's a cargo plane is used to be and also to be I'm a little rough rough ride right now you did this sled dog grey sedan are you fed in it big but you finished and then suddenly you found yourself stocks over the last nine weeks what have what have you and your dog's been doing anything well we've been going on camping trips and training and and I'm really lucky because I have a lot of friends there and some of my best friends are in Alaska so so I Meg in a kind of good positions that I have friends around me that are you know you can now spend time with them yeah how fun it is a Huskies by the way will sort of dogs yes there are Alaskan Huskies they are not the pure bred but they you know they have the you know the full art look you know the for and everything so they're asking Huskies they know getting homesick them for no way they feel fine out there yeah you know it's always a little better now if you want to live in the moment you know they are they are happy you know if you they get you know food exercise and you treat them good they are pretty happy so we we people have to learn of the dog I think right and I understand your wife left you she didn't hang around for you in the dogs is that right Wells when where does you heard it you know those are the plays were shutting down she just jumped on the plane to go back to the kids and there is a large so she had to go home during the race actually out I really didn't feel deserted by had then well the thing about marketing especially love long distance money going that many days you are really good do not worry what's going to be around the corner so you know you're going to just get it out of your head very soon very quickly so this is one of the mental parts of the dark markings always something that's all only you know this was a couple of special but you know you have a lot of different negative things happening during a race like that that have to deal with I can imagine a must it's it's it's tough out there is just you and the dogs is it yes so you're not ours for about nine days and then the biggest problem for departure is that you don't sleep so much I had seventeen hours of sleep in the nine days so you know it's it's not a loss and and I understand crack code may know where you go five kids you got even more all Huskies that so she's already got our hands full yeah I see so it's a lot of work so I have a little you know feeling really bad for her because you know she's working and having the kids on being in dealing also with all their dogs so I think is that you know I'm going to get home to help her a little Brian you got the money to to survive because he must be expensive taking the dogs out every night to eight sixteen dogs a new type of seventeen I don't know if that's allowed under current kind of R. sum down one I won I won the race so so I got some of the prize money but I'm I'm using a lot well getting on dog food well it Thomas good luck with this at this point and I'd be takes off at both figuratively and literally and get you back home to No Way thanks very much for joining us yeah

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