Diving into Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome w/ Kyle Boyar (From BTS #29)


Newsflash people. Not Everything about cannabis is positive. For those of you, who think that you really should kind of switch your perspective, a little bit and take a look at the other side. Because you know, there's I, mean of course we've all been brainwashed a bit by. You know governmental organizations that WANNA make cannabis look bad, so everyone has this natural aversion to Oh. You know cannabis as bad and Yada Yada, but There are downsides right, and I could go through a list of them. I'm not going to right now because we're going to stay focused on the subject of h, but I mean. Not Everything is a positive in that context, and I'm really bothered by. Is Name Oil thing? 'cause people just harp on name oil, and it's like okay, so you have all these different experts now I think Ethan recited an article not too long ago about this, you just kind of breaking it down like yeah. The presentation's Kit has some overlapping. You know things with neem toxicity, but it's still not the same same thing at all, and there's plenty of people that have chs. pesticide-free, named free, specifically cannabis, and it still triggered. It's still triggered episodes for them so I really think okay and again this is specifically name. I've got beef with I. Don't as directed. Other things other pesticides. We don't have a lot of toxic. Toxicological data drawn especially in the context of combustion and in Beijing. And you know the closest thing that we have is. I think it's from Colorado, which is a tobacco tobacco standard France. So I think that's the best thing that we have to draw. I think so I'M NOT RULING OUT ANYTHING IN PESTICIDE CATEGORY I'm not saying that. Has, this is absolutely do not cause. You can save for the fair degree of certainty at this point. That name is not the cause. And something that somebody who listeners don't know that it's not just limited to THC. CBD as well can trigger episodes some people. But to get back to exactly how I got involved. In this whole thing I was seeing all these battles unfold on social media and other places just like you have been. and. I've really wanted to learn more i. read about it. You know the Trip v one observation basically there, so there's. Relief. The people are seeing, but I guess I. I saw all over. The media does mysterious illness that causes marijuana users to vomit viollis intern marijuana. News for Iraq right. And so I'm like. Is it really something to this right? And then I started reading about the literature on it and you know they say that it's At least people find relief from. Hot showers. And and also cap space cream, so that's pretty particular, right so cap says it. Of course. binds to trip. The one Tier v one is. Basically transient receptor vigneault Lloyd's. Receptor basically trains potato. Yeah, there you go! That's that's there. It is but anyway so tier one basically modifies calcium influx. And, so that was an interesting insight there, so I was like all right well. Let me see what else I can find and really just a bunch of case studies. There's not really a great understanding. First appeared in was actually like warmly thing in two thousand four. But most of this is just case. Studies and people say that it's very rare, but I think that it's not as rare as some people think it is because there's a lot of under reporting. That's gone on and I really misdiagnosis. People just didn't know about it. And, so I thought well. You know this is getting a lot of hype in the media and I think that people really don't know a lot about it. So why don't I pulled together? A bunch of people that at least have some baseline understanding of it? And or those who have it? And bring them for a discussion so I this to The folks that can't Med and you know There was some discussion and debate like Oh. We don't WanNA. Make Canvas look bad. Were you know a cannabis medicine conference but I think that it's important that people understand of what the downsides are to cannabis use because again. It's not all roses. So. They ended up saying. Yeah, you know, go for it so without I started look for the

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