M.A.T. With Mike


All right, let's talk to Mike. He is a father of two an entrepreneur who lives in New Jersey and with as much serious stuff. As we covered, we also talked about how much fun it is to go out and party as a sober person. Let's get to it. Hi, Mike, how are you? I'm great. Thanks for having me yeah of course. I'm thrilled to get to know you a little bit. Bit Better and learn more about your story. I know that it's a topic. We haven't really touched on yet. So you're our first. I'm psyched to have you here. Wonderful. Glad to be the first well. I tell us your name and your sobriety date, and would you have described yourself as a high or a low functioning drinker? My name is Mike Russell my sobriety date is February two thousand eighteen I'm not a big day tracker, but I could look it up in my phone. Actually you know I don I would. Consider myself. like a high functioning person like not very. I wasn't a daily drinker. Drinks problem once every other week. And my challenge was been shrinking. Got It got it and tell us a little bit about you. Now you know what you do for a living where you live age family anything like that I'm happily married I have two wonderful kids I live in Hoboken New Jersey outside new, York City and currently relocated to our summer home. I would have been. I don't know how long I've been here. Because kind of all blurs together like we're, we're. We're living here. We're in time. So. You know in Margate. City New Jersey about a block from the beach. which is awesome, and then I have also my family and my sister, my sister in law, my brother law and their two kids. Here's while so we a lively wonderful home. Very lucky. Circumstances Nice Little Coruna OAC's. Yeah. Let's get into it. Let's let's about your story, and if you would tell us in ten minutes or less, you drink how long it was a problem and why you decided to stop High School I. Think I. I didn't drink a lot. I drank little bit It wasn't a big part of my life very much into sports, student, government and right between high school and college. I just out of nowhere. came down with a non Hodgkin's lymphoma and is very surprising to me. traumatic obviously, and I checked into hospital had wonderful doctors in went through chemotherapy at I, was very fortunate to. Be Able to go to college a semester late and come out in full recovery, but I think things kind of change for me there and when I did get to college, I started to drink pretty frequently and I would say that was like the point when. I started to drink a law you know throughout college pretty consistent. In then I graduated moved to Manhattan, and I had a job in banking, and I was trying to Ford my rent so I had a side hustle in Bayliss. Promotions, which again weeds bit more drinking within two years, I had the nightlife promotions business was actually producing more income from you than my job, so I left my job and I went into that industry time for about eight years, and that was eight years more shrinking, and towards the end I met my wife, and I wanted to kind of have a career change and I knew if I wanted to have a family and it was pretty clear she wanted. To Change? In order to have a family I did eventually I was thought. Hey, you know this is probably circumstantial. It'll go away, but I ended up moving into technology, which is eventually where I wanted to be I wasn't a simple transition, but I got there and the drinking go away, just kind of morphed in I from there was. A trigger drinker I wasn't drinking. Galley I didn't have cravings. I never thought about drinking but I'd hit a trigger. You know out with friends out to dinner on vacation and say I'm GonNa have one or two drinks. Inevitably, it was countless number of drinks, and that was my challenge.

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