Los Angeles - High Tides, Surf Lead To Flooding At Balboa Peninsula


Island. Oh, man, I got friends there right now. Street. There is a combination of high surf and high tide into the neighborhood. We know that meteorologists have been talking about high surf advisories in recent days, but this is really kind of surge started a lot of water coming into the house through the neighborhood, and he's gonna be in Newport Beach. Of course, the flooding is a Balboa Island was shot from Sky nine as we could have never seen this phenomenon of high tide a little bit of flooding, and it just appears to be about ankle deep from Aiken. See there from that person. Walking through. I don't know if that's a lifeguard. Certainly lifeguard looks like a lifeguard vehicle. Can't really tell if it's a red vehicle there. Step truck, but there's a surfboard lifeguard. Hell, yeah, I saw the emblem on the side. And I guess I just Following in to see how far this is gone. I would love to see just from this vantage point. How far away the actual ocean is from here. You see the stars there set up a cz Well, They're happening. There we go Loving it. The the that's that's pretty far. Yeah, like, See this happening in Orange County along the coast. When there is a high surf advisories and still be just there was a 15 foot burn that they actually construct every year or every time they hear about Ah, high surf advisory just to prevent that they're showing on the island. It doesn't look like Newport. But that's not the island. That's the Balboa Peninsula. They just showed appear off to the Left side of the screen. That's the Balboa pier. Okay, looking at rushing in. If you're a scene like that, you know they have the you know the super tides and the king. Tides of Colin happens every six months is sometimes it happens during that time of year that with the swell surge that's happening. Coming in prepared for this with pumps and surprised and put a Burma like Seal Beach. Yeah, yeah, a lot of people, but that's really

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