Dow Rallies 268 Points, Proofpoint CEO, and Marvell CEO - burst 10


This. Definitely in what we've seeing, says covid grow is the dockers have really been leveraging covid as kind of the key allure to try and get people to Click on US Open documents, etc, and so employees frankly are more vulnerable than ever before intimidates understand that there was funny. Well this observe it that you bought. I like them. They're really smart. And they put out this cost of insider threats, Globe report, and it is something like sixty two percent. Boys make simple Catholic this I. mean why. Are, we that dumber we are doing. Need proof point because we are scared. Donald Walker do. Now, I think I think on the insiders. Exciting part of our business, but we definitely see is you've got a lot of employees actually trying to do the right thing, but they make mistakes and that risk and vulnerability for the company, and so organizations are looking to. Help them solve those kinds of problems, and it's even more exacerbated in this world where you're sitting by yourself in your Home Office, and you might not make. You might not always make the best decisions now if I had it. You've Oyston genteel competition, but the regular Microsoft program. It sounds like the customers. You're telling you look I. I like Microsoft, but frankly I can't live without proof points. So what does point to that Microsoft doesn't? And why

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