Acts of Resistance Story Call


Hey welcome to you had me at. Black. I'm Martina Abraham's in light of the uprisings in cities across the country and our collective desire for community action. We've decided to pivot. The next topic are at the House series. Many of us are unsure of how to turn our pain and our raid into protests. But every day we survive racism. Sexism Assad Ginny Homophobia Islamophobia trans-phobia a really never ends so this week. We're going to remind ourselves who we are in how it's done. Share a story about an active resistance at time where you stood up or fought back against injustice or mistreatment. Big Or small what happened. What did you do what happens next? Submit your story at you. Had ME AT BLACK DOT com slash at the house submissions or do you by Wednesday June third. And while I have you I just want to remind you that your feelings. Whatever they are right now are valid and justified. You do not need to explain the way you do not need to defend them with stats or logic or examples. Take that energy in. Pour it into our community. Here are a few ways you can do. I find a grassroots or mutual aid organization in your local area there organizing and they're making sure that the community's needs are met every day and they can use our support whether it's financially or with our time if you feel called to protest that is great but you do not need to be in the street to be a part of the movement and do movement work making 'cause providing childcare feeding protesters fundraising doing research securing meeting locations. The list of things to be done. It's really never ending. And it takes many hands to make these networks run second. Being black does not absolve from the need to study to do the work to recognize on pack unlearn and dismantle the white supremacy in imperialism in ourselves. No one who goes up in a society like ours is free from it. Oh and it's important to study the movement before us because that will help inform our objectives and our next steps now so we really want to be about it. We have to start with us

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