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Demonstrations continue five days after George forty died while being arrested by Minneapolis police A. B. C.'s Ryan burrows with protestors in Minneapolis thousands marching down the street some holding signs that say black lives matter and no justice no peace they are also changing George Floyd's name they're walking past some burnt out buildings some of them still smoking but this has been a peaceful demonstration thirties also warning about the possibility that protest over the death of George Ford could be co opted ABC's Aaron Katersky in an intelligence noted pain by ABC news the department of homeland security warned that domestic terrorists on the far right and the far left could exploit growing protests around the country to launch attacks on law enforcement and demonstrators the note mentioned a white supremacist extremist telegram channel incited followers to engage in violence and start a second civil war by shooting into a crowd this is ABC news a former NBA champion is grieving for his friend at a rally in Minneapolis Stephen Jackson who played fourteen years in the NBA winning a title with San Antonio spoke Friday about his longtime friend George Floyd who died in police custody on Memorial Day

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