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John Harrington is Minnesota commissioner of public safety that little group that


That they're confronting white supremacists and possibly foreign actors Ryan burl ABC news Minneapolis the mayor of Atlanta denouncing protests that turned into destruction there overnight in Denver there's now an eight PM curfew this weekend and a public safety alert activated in Columbus Ohio this is ABC news SpaceX made history the first privately held space shuttle blasting off on schedule just before three thirty PM eastern time today in Florida ABC contributor colonel Steve Gaillard says this is the first page of the next chapter of space travel you're taking the best of government and the best of the private sector in together that's the tribe here today this is the triumph that's going to drive the cost increases safety reliable launched already that's going to allow us to put colonies on other planets astronauts Robert bank in and Douglas Hurley joined NASA's program in twenty ten they are both fathers and merry to fellow NASA astronauts the shuttle completely reimagined ABC's Jim Ryan this is a completely different animal from the capsules that were launched in the sixties in the seventies the diodes and the knobs and dials in them though the little windows this is has two flat screens in front of the astronauts in seats that are designed specifically for those individual people so that there is comfortable as they can be for the next nineteen hours learn ways ABC news I've

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