Senna: The Early Years

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Dan Pass Gas. We're talking about the early years of Ayrton Senna. You know him as the legendary driver famous for winning multiple Formula One championships in nineteen, eighty, eight, nineteen, Ninety and nineteen ninety one he won an incredible forty one gram freeze on seventeen different tracks over the course of nine seasons. You probably also know how the story ends. At the age of thirty four while racing at the nineteen ninety four, San Marino, Grand Prix Senna crash on lap, set on leaving the track and a speed over a hundred eighty miles per hour, slammed into a concrete wall, killing him on impact. The. Final Jenny home two with L.. Tragic death cut a storied career short and much like Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger or to park. It froze centers, accomplishments, and magnetic personality in amber. Deprived of the slow decline to any great talent at the top of their profession will eventually fall. Victim to these names are instead forever frozen their lawyers, and so they remained. Forever Young. Senator is now a legend. But where do legends begin with an origin story of course? So what senators version of being bitten by a radioactive spider, finding a weird lamp, genie or floating down the Nile in a basket made of Reeds? Well like Spiderman Aladdin or Moses Senna his monogamous, but before Senate was sent off, his last name wasn't even Senna at all. His parents worry that he was uncoordinated and even had him test report. He was born into wealth, but although wealth can definitely give you access to the world of bracing, it can't make fast and Santa wasn't just fast. He was the fastest. So what was the moment Senna truly became Senate to answer that we need to start on March twenty first nineteen sixty the day. When in Sao Paulo Brazil. Ericsson senator silver was born. Welcome to pass gas. That was a long intro. Great Man I'm. I got a little choked up there for a second. I mean this guy is so important and just such. Like I, don't know he's just a legend, and he's just like so important to so many people, and I'm really excited that we're going to die, have really deep into his life, but I mean just. A man just. I got a little teary eyed. When you're talking about the forever, young stuff is yeah I sure. Senna is a like I said an intro. He's a legend. Almost like a mythic figure at this point. Just such a hallowed name so revered in in in motor sports and the car world in general. Just like Oh yeah, you hear senators like he was I mean he was the greatest, but like it's just like an instant assumption of just like. Perfection basically right. Yeah, he's like Michael Jordan. Yeah, no thought given to, and we're going to see why that is because. There's a lot of good reason for that I. Think the moment where it hit where I was like Oh, damn was when? You when I I didn't realize he was thirty four when he died and I'm just about to turn thirty four, and so I'm like. I gotTA. Do. Joe You're the air and of automotive podcasting damage. Out Year Man. Is talking about how I am scared about dying. But what I've noticed is a lot of a lot of pieces that talk about center. Don't really dive into his early life. which is what we're going to do today? And I'm really excited about that. Hopefully will give people some insight into where this dude came from, and I, think yeah without further ado. Let's get into the life. The early life of one Ayrton Senna. Are you guys ready? I'm ready. Ready sale ever be. Ready, legit. You WanNa give. Fired up I think my new my new thing is. Fire Dub! Different words fired up. I could see that on a shirt for sure, but D. U. P. Oh, yeah, fire! Up I get a man. It's great. It's solid. C. memes are better when you explained. A Ayrton Senna Da. Silva was born in nineteen sixty in Sao. Paulo Brazil at the pro Ma tre. I'm going to by the butcher every Brazilian. Names Zillion were. Portuguese Brazilian. I'm going to butcher at all today. Just letting you know. Pro Monterey! Maternity Hospital of Santana a hospital I assumed was named after the legendary guitarist areas. Warn! Ayrton's father Milton Dasilva was a landowner and factory owner, and among other businesses Milton owned an auto parts company, and his knowledge and connections within the industry would become a key entry point for Airton into the world of racing

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